Politics and the Media, News Coverage Analysis Assignment

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Politics and the Media, News Coverage Analysis Assignment Table of Contents Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 4 1.How Does The News Story Conform To Prevailing Standards Of Newsworthiness? What Criteria Are Present In The Story? How Do These Criteria Appear To Be Driving This Story?


5 3.Is A Range Of Viewpoints Or Agendas Represented In The Coverage? Have The News Outlets Taken An Explicit Editorial Stand On Your Topic? Does That Editorial Stand Appear to Influence the Rest of the Outlet’s Coverage? 6 4.What about the Overall Quality of Coverage of the Story? Is Coverage Event-Driven? Is The Story Framed In An Episodic, Discrete, Or Piecemeal Fashion? What Kind Of Broader Context Is Evident? 7 5.In Your View, Are There Clear Winners or Losers in the Coverage You’ve Examined? Have Particular Politicians, Groups, Or Points Of View Received Noticeably More Coverage, Or Better Coverage? Do You Think Was Public Well-Served By The Coverage You Have Examined? Why or Why Not? 8 Conclusion 10 Works Cited 11 Introduction The significant aspect of immigration is fundamentally described as the transfer of individuals or people from one particular country to other in order to make permanent settlements. In this similar context, several political figures and intellectuals of the United States referred to the country as the nation of immigrants. This is owing to the reason that in excess of 23 million immigrants particularly from the European nations had become enduring residents of the US between the years 1880 and 1920 (Jimenez, “Introduction”). It has been apparently observed that the immigration policies of the US have become a widespread political debate for last few decades. ...
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