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Media WRITING - Essay Example

The intended audiences for this news were the general public. After going through the article, it can be stated that the reporter intended to depict the social concerns related with the safety and security of women in the modern day society. The institution behind this particular material can be identified as the online news publishing media. When assessing the types of industries and corporations involved in media writing, various segments such as radio broadcasting, television, film entertainment, print media and advertising among others can be identified which attempt broadcasting updated news from different genres for the general public either within the local or national or in the global periphery. The media writing illustrated through the aforementioned article hereby reveals the propaganda of online news broadcasting. The content of the material presented in the article can also be stated as well-written in a manner which is easier to be interpreted by the general public. No offensive abbreviations or ground-breaking and persuasive forms of writing have been used in this article being presented with adequate justification to gain the consciousness of the public towards such social issues. The article published by Metro Newspaper on 6th February 2013 with the title “Forgotten cruise ship becomes sand Banksy with aid of street artists” can be categorised as an advertising media writing which depicts the talent of a group of urban street artists giving a new shape to a corroded old

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The media has changed a great deal over the last century simply because of improvement in technology as well as greater reach to more remote areas of the world. Ratings are often brought in by big pieces of news that may or may not seem to have an impact on the people, but will definitely guarantee a large audience.
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The new forms of media are used to raise voices over the oppressive rule from great political figures. In simple the new media are deployed efficiently prior to, in the process of and after the political or intellectual revolution as tools or avenues for protestors to boast their potential and agency and to execute their mobilization.
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Since the opening of its first store in 1955, the McDonald's corporation has become extremely sophisticated in most aspect of its business strategy. During the company's expansion years, which has resulted in the placement of more than 30,000 stores worldwide, was the care they employed in choosing their locations.
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that enable users to ask for everything from ideal height and body built to educational background and occupation to hobbies, on-line dating sites have constructed ‘cybermalls’, that enable loveless people to find the one their looking for, or the one their looking for
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News story should also consist of certain facts like simplicity, people, facts, order, and waffle-free, everyday language (Unison, n.d.). News story selection basically depends upon the factors like importance, impact,
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Think of your favorite media relationship (can be real or fictional). Keeping in mind the guidelines for successful COM 212 writing assignments, please reflect on the individuals involved and all that you know about their relationship
In this paper, we shall look into the media relationship of President Barrack Obama, how it has helped him throughout his political career to eventually achieving
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As an intern you have been asked to write a formal report on how students use social media. This report needs to follow the report writing guidelines. It will: briefly describe the current trends in social media amongst the student population;
Additionally, students are increasingly depending on social media to receive different kinds of information including news around the world. The purpose of this formal report is to report on how students use social media. The report
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A fundamental reason to follow the aforementioned writing style can be identified in relation to the intention of the article which was to bring a social concern to
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Human Relations Writing Assignment 10 Of family, peers, and the media, which of these possible sources of sexual identity/socialization has or had the greatest influence on the development of your sexual identity It has been suggested that sexual so
nternet participated with a lot of news articles and magazines providing information on sex and sexuality and even offering video clips and lecture notes and talks on sexuality. This information taught me a lot on this topic and how to relate with the opposite sex without
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Through this course, I familiarized myself with the various forms of media both locally and internationally for instance the visit by media personalities broadened my knowledge of various media in UAE. Some of the forms of media include broadcast
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ship by making attractive paintings on its rusted body. It can thus be stated that the media writing exhibited in this article is based upon a ‘writing for advertising’ style as the article intended to convey its audiences with a message regarding the group of talented urban based street artists. The headline of the article can also be examined to portray a ‘writing for advertising’ style used for media writing. The intended audiences for this particular article comprised the general public as well as the other groups of urban street artists who intend to, but lack sufficient courage, in doing something new. As can be observed from the writing pattern of the article it can also be affirmed that its sole intention was to motivate innovation among young talented people along with encouraging them subsequently. The materials used for this article can be identified as newsworthy because it consists of beautiful drawings made on a rusting old ship by a group of urban based street artists deciphering an extended form of innovative idea in arts. The contents of the material presented in the article can also be stated as quite well-written avoiding any usage of abusive words or persuasive writing styles intended to encourage the young artists to perform actively in the upcoming days. The article published in the Marie Clarie magazine with the title “My Phone My Way” can be recognised as the advertisement of a Windows Phone. It can be thus stated that the writing style followed in this article was similar to that of advertising media writing. The sole intention of the article can be identified to make the potential customers of Windows Phone aware of the product so that it can be traded in the business markets effectively. The headline or the language of the article


Media Writing A news article titled “Why Me? Woman with facial burns makes TV appeal” was published in Times Newspaper on 7th February 2013 which brought into light the trauma faced by a young woman when a masked person threw acid on her face due to some unknown reason…
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Media WRITING essay example
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