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The fact of the matter is that the Costa Concordia struck a rock of the coast of the Isola del Giglio on January 13, 2012; ultimately claiming the lives of 32 individuals and necessitating a call to abandon ship for all 4,220 individuals remaining alive (Leger 2012). Of these facts the global media and the individual can be certain. However, after this level understanding, the level to which the news media sought to portray the incident significantly diverged from what has come to light in the intervening months since the disaster took place. No sooner had the last individual been rescued from the ship than the news media began immediately to conjecture concerning the events that led the captain to run the ship aground. Newspaper headlines across the world sought to portray the captain in terms of words such as “Coward”, “Asleep at the Wheel”, “Uncourageous”, and a litany of other ways (The Bigger Picture 8). The news media showed the greatest imagination and flexibility as questions were asked about if the captain was even at the helm, whether he was distracted by an ongoing affair, whether he cared with regards to the fate of the crew, the ship, or its passengers, and his overall ability to lead and command. This understanding necessarily gave way to the needs of the passengers and crew for which the captain was ultimately responsible (Sophie 14). In this way, the news media eviscerated the captain stating that he ordered the chef of the ship to cook him a gourmet meal as the ship itself

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was sinking or that he was the first aboard the life rafts once the call to abandon ship was made. All of these assertions have since been proven false and only add to the incomplete discussions of the motives and needs that were represented within this particular case by the way the news media presented the situation. With regards to a review of the literature itself and a thorough examination into the ultimate cause of the incident, it is at least possible that the captain bears a level of responsibility. This is as a function of the fact that he turned off the navigation computer and chose to navigate the narrow reefs between the island and the shore by hand (Squires 14). Moreover, once the engine room and electrical generation system were flooded due to the 50 meter gash in the hull of the vessel, it took several more hours for the captain to issue an abandon ship order. This is the critical point. Due to the fact that the damage was known and the power to the vessel was cut and it was flooding, there does not appear to be an excuse for not immediately ordering a general abandon ship. However, once the abandon ship order was given, it took a further 5-6 hours to actually evacuate all of the surviving members of the vessel; according to maritime law it should take no longer than 30 minutes total to abandon everyone on board (Brazier 1). Sadly, in order for justice to be done with relation to this particular case, the captain himself, as well as integral decision makers on the vessel must be tried in a criminal court of law. Although the press necessarily sought to exaggerate the situation and make the captain to be a sociopathic monster with little to no concern for the lives of his crew, the fact of


Name Date Course Section/# Costa Concordia Disaster: An Review and Analysis This brief analysis will consider the Costa Concordia wreck, analyze and discuss the shareholders that the media enumerated, and the needs, motives, events, and principles that led the captain of the ship to behave in the way he supposedly did (Eric 5)…
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