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Research Paper example - Social Media and the Affects on Personal Relationships

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Social Media and the Affects on Personal Relationships Research Paper example
Research Paper
Journalism & Communication
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Social media is one of the most important innovations to have come out during the twentieth century. In the twenty first century there has been a greater expansion of this field. This has led to a radical reconfiguration of personal relationships in the world and it will be discussed in this paper…

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This report approves that relationships between customers and sellers have been fast changing as a result of social media. In traditional approaches to the ways in which customers and the people who used to sell commodities and services interacted, there would often be a system that would enable consumers to talk to the managers of their companies and the managers would then be able to talk to the consumers. This would be different in a modern setup as the consumers are able to talk to each other through social networking sites. There are plenty of such websites that are willing to provide information free of cost to people who wish to access it. This then becomes a point where several people from different parts of the globe can converge and possibly even, through an exchange of information regarding places, build persona relationships. This can then point towards a situation where people from different parts of the world can form bonds merely on the basis of knowledge. One then sees the importance of knowledge and an ethical and honest use of it within the space of social media for it to be constructive for it users across the world.
This essay makes a conclusion that political relations between people too form a part of the matrix of personal relations that people form amongst themselves in the society. This then points to the role that social media plays in the creation of political relationships between people. Clay Shirky talks of the different roles that are played by forms of social media in creating new forms of political relationships in the world. Shirky attributes the development of political awareness to a certain extent to social media and the different forms of it ...
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