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Research Paper example - "I have dream" speech by Martin Luther King

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Journalism & Communication
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I have a dream by Martin Luther Name Name of institution Professor Course Date "I have dream" speech by Martin Luther King History is replete of iconic figures that used their lives to transform the society. Indeed, one of the most remembered person in American history is Dr…

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Dr. King had a fundamental belief of promoting social change for the benefit of all Americans. Dr. Martin Luther King continued to advance his fundamental belief across America and he became famous not only in America, but also worldwide when he gave a famous speech at Lincoln Memorial Center in front of 250,000 people demanding equal treatment to African-Americans, and ending segregation laws in the South. In his address, three words were common “I have Dream”. Since then, these words have become a subject of discussion both nationally and internationally. Millions of people across the world believe and share these words as a collective memory of a man who advocated for social change. The history of modern America presents Dr. Martin Luther King as heroic leader, and one of the leaders of the Big Six civil right movement governing who were the architects in the organization of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which took place on August 28, 1963 (Vail, 2006). The march made specific demands: an end to racial segregation in public institutions, civil right reforms, including protection of workers from police brutality; self-government for Washington D.C. then rule by congressional committee (Ingpen & Wilkinson, 1991). ...
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