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Topic : Chinese Popular Culture Introduction China is the fastest emerging economy of the world and they are making their niche in the global market with their production and marketing skills and strategies. China with its legacy, local peculiarities and nativity has assimilated into the global popular cultural market at a fast pace.


Chinese great political icons like Mao have changed the social, political and cultural outlook of the country. Today China has surpassed major nations in economic development, education and technological advancement. Once a poor nation, China now has a population indulge in modern cars, technological gadgets, meat – based diet and luxury clothing. Moreover, the Chinese media has evolved in to dynamism that has transformed the day to day life of people of the nation. “The embrace of a market economy, with all its attendant risks, has forced the development of new governmental and social policies to stabilize China’s social structure through the conceptual category of the ‘middle class”. Today, China has become a world competitor and the super powers of world are looking up to China to understand their excellence in hard work, political strategy and social reform. Chinese Popular Culture The Chinese popular culture had been anchored due to the open door policy implement by the country in the 21st century. ...
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