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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Journalism, Mass Media and Communication Entertainment media has brought major revolution in international mass communication in terms of content and structures. Different companies targeting a wide array of audience are currently distributing various books, films, television, and video games across the globe.


Examples of entertainment media that have attracted audiences from numerous countries and cultures include television shows such as who wants to be a millionaire, video games such the fighter and sports games and novels such as the Harry Porter series (Schmid and Klimmt,pg.253). These forms of entertainment media have become media artifacts due to there influence and command of audience from different cultures globally. The emergence of J.K Rowling alias Harry Porter novels and movies has brought phenomenal changes and influence in the current print and electronic media. This paper examines the use communication theory in understanding the relationship between media artifacts and global audiences. In order to achieve the above objective, the paper explores the works of Harry Porter that have become a global media artifact. The international penetration and proliferation of entertainment media has impacted and influenced various cultures in different parts of the world and has contributed to the transformation and evolution of transcultural global audience. Million copies of Harry Porter book series and films have been distributed and sold worldwide and people continue to be entertained by the book and film series. In mass communication, numerous attempts have been to understand the influence of entertainment media on people and cultures. ...
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