Critically evaluate the balance between industrial, technological and societal shifts which have reshaped the newspaper industr

Critically evaluate the balance between industrial, technological and societal  shifts which have reshaped the newspaper industr Essay example
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Critically evaluate the balance between industrial, technological and societal shifts which have reshaped the newspaper industry in the last 25 years The newspaper industry has changed a great deal in the last 25 years. The reasons are quite a few and this directly goes upon the shoulders of the people who have allowed the technological changes to creep in within the related equations…


The reshaping of the newspaper industry in the last 25 years is comprised of both good points as well as bad. The positive aspects make their presence felt within the realms of the industrial, technological and societal domains while the negative ones manifest their own selves through non reading mechanisms that are employed towards newspapers, cut down in size, rise in costs and so on. This paper shall evaluate the balance that exists amongst the realms of the industrial, technological and societal changes as the newspaper industry has more or less changed during the last 2 and a half decades. In the olden days, it was widely accepted by the elders that reading newspapers in the morning amounted to their being the most cherished activity. They would wait for the newspaper to come to their doorsteps and have their breakfast with it. It seemed like a completely ideal beginning to a brand new day (Franklin, 1997). Young ones would throng the table and grab their favorite section of the newspaper while the mother of the family would enjoy seeing her husband and the kids delving deep into newspapers. It was something that asked for a better portrayal of activities that used to happen early in the morning, be it a weekday or on weekends. ...
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