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Essay example - Marketing Communication Plan

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Journalism & Communication
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Oxfam is a charity group, registered in England & Wales and Scotland, whose motto is to “fight poverty at its roots” and they undertake different missions…

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Objectives for Future: In order to sustain the organisation’s reputation and to enhance it in the future, they will need to launch new and innovative campaigns in target nations that really have problems, which affect a major share of the population. By doing this, Oxfam can garner a lot of media as well as public attention that will further promote their good will on a global level. In the recent years, the youth oriented programs of the organisation have attracted attention and they are receiving good support for such endeavours. These campaigns are being promoted through Youth Action Group, which provide youngsters to be innovative and orient their actions for fighting against issues that “matter to them” and thus come under the umbrella of “active global citizens” (Teachers’ Guide: A Guide to Support Youth Action Groups, n.d.). Developing nations do offer a wide range of options for action with regard to improving the quality of life of youngsters, solving a variety of problems that they encounter, providing them better educational and employment avenues etc. Thus, it transpires that the best strategy at this juncture for Oxfam is to focus their attention to some major problem in a developing nation that will offer the scope for excellent PR work. In order to sustain their reputation as a high profile charitable organization, Oxfam needs to focus on the problems on developing nations and take action for supporting the novel causes in those countries. This will enable them to tap the potential of garnering support from these countries as well as create an impression in the international community that the organization is intervening with the real problems that need to be tackled in the modern day. ...
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