-Outline and explain the relations between "senders" and "receivers" of communication, focusing on how messages are " - Essay Example

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-Outline and explain the relations between "senders" and "receivers" of communication, focusing on how messages are "

Communication is said to be complete when immediate feedback of the message is received involving matters speech, body language, emotions and gestures. This process involves at least two persons and it starts when one individual intends to pass a message to another person. Communication starts with crafting of images and ideas in the mind of a person who wants to send the message. This can be a feeling, an idea or even a concept. This part of the communication process is in reflection (Guffey et al., 2013). In order to pass this message to another person, the individual intending to pass the message must be able to translate the crafted images into signs that the intended person of the message will be able to interpret and understand. Signs in communication can be words, sounds and sense, and this is the only way the images in the mind can be expressed in the form of meaningful ideas and passed on to another person. This process is referred to as encoding. Upon encoding the message, it is expected to be transmitted to the person intended, and that is the recipient (Lehman et al., 2011). Transmission of the message can be done in various ways, for example, orally, and this may include one-on-one verbal interaction and use of telephone. ...
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Name Tutor Institution Subject code The relationship between senders and receivers of communication with the focus being on how messages are encoded and decoded Communication refers to the process by which information is passed from one person to another and feedback is received…
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