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" Gang of eight "

Approximately 11 million people are living in the United States undocumented; illegally. Latinos constitute a major proportion of this figure of 11 million but there are other ethnicities and nationalities present as well. This bill specifically addresses the people who arrived in the United States before 31st December 2011 and remain undocumented. This bill is an 844 page document and addresses some major key issues and introduces some new terminologies and concepts. The first and most important of which is the creation of a new status for the illegal immigrants who seek to attain citizenship or residence in the United States. This new status will be called ‘Registered Provisional Immigrant’ status. Slide 2: To attain this new status of Registered Provisional Immigrant’, the immigrants would need to apply for it and demonstrate that they meet the required criteria and the prerequisites. The major prerequisites include payment of a fine which relates to their illegal stay in the country and is compulsory; moreover, there are application fees which need to be paid in order to start the process. The individuals need to pay any taxes they have accrued to the IRS over the period of their stay in the United States but have not yet paid because of their illegal status. ...
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Gang of Eight Slide 1: The gang of eight, which includes the two leaders each, of the two parties from both the Senate and House of Representatives, and the chairs and ranking minority members of both the Senate Committee and House Committee for intelligence, announced the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013, on 16th April 2013…
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