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Master of Information Systems(personal statement)

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It is my firm belief that "All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy". As such, I have always made it a point to take an active part in sports and co-curricular activities. Among outdoor games, I love Tennis and have held the office of Vice-President, Youth Tennis Club, Danamon Tennis Club, Jakarta, Indonesia.

International Marketing of Tata Nano Electric Car into Japan

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Tata is presently looking for new geographical markets for Tata Nano. This report explores the possibility of launching Tata Nano is Pakistan. It takes into account the present automobile market and the current brands running successfully. It also takes into account the various options that tata has while launching including setting up own facility in Pakistan, or having dealer or agents.

Conflict Scenario PowerPoint Presentation

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She could have corrected her mistake at least after the receptionist has walked to her desk to clear this chaotic situation in the office so that the patients do not need to get confused with the appointments timing given to them. Even the doctor is also confused with the timings, as they don't have time to attend.

Organisational Structure and Design Analyses McDonald's

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In today's fast paced world time is probably one of the scarcest resources. McDonald strives to offer the ordered food in considerably less amount of time. This single-minded approach to cut down on the service time has helped McDonalds attract and retain its customers.

'it is more damaging to be sexually abused by a woman'

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The problem of sexual abuse is of immense importance nowadays. It has been known for centuries that men are the main inflictors of sexual abuse, however in the current years with the help of immense research it has been known that women also, although not equally, but are responsible for the problem of sexual abuse.

BUSINESS LAW PowerPoint Presentation

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A cooperative must have sufficient financial resources, and these must be managed efficiently for the maximum benefits of its members. And much of the cooperative depends on how its funds are properly used. Some of the fundamental points about cooperative finance start with the cooperative nature of business do not mean that it can disregard certain rules about money and finance.


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In the 1998, during the economic crisis in Indonesia, there were many threats to the business. Firstly, ethnic Chinese were targeted and attacked. The anger against the government was turning into a intercommunity rage. Our business premises were vandalized and set on fire because of the ethnic origins of our promoters.

Presentation Planning (written presentation)

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7). Graff (2010) goes further when he says that the belief that literacy is "a necessary precursor to and invariably results in economic development, democratic practice, cognitive enhancement, and upward social mobility" (p. 635) might be a myth. Given these controversial statements, a key question therefore is "What does it mean to be literate"

Garden Creation

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It is quite true that mental images of gardens exist independently and influence the actual realization of the garden as a place, but also shaping its existence are factors inherent in the physical space. Bounded by the earth and climate conditions are its horticultural possibilities including the interests and resources of the gardener.


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3 (b) In writer's opinion, the group of African men has the poorest task in the hotel. They remove the filth and left-over food from the kitchen and clean up the ill-smelling garbage from the basement. 4(a) The writer gives a peep inside her life outside the hotel when she talks of her expenses on food and travelling.

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This is after Steve Jobs had severally visited a small Apple farm belonging to his friends in 1976 (Hotelling, Steve, Joshua, and Brian, p. 4). It has produced the likes of Mac line of computers, iPads, iPhones and others. Stiff competition in the market against others like IBM, HP, Dell and more that has encouraged the company to increase its business and marketing labors and this has coxswained towards them leading the global market.

Modern and Postmodern Art

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It was an instrument for his magic and ritual. He did expose it to his fellow men. But it was basically meant for the spirits who guided his life. In some temples, the access to the God was and still is the special privilege of the priest .Certain Madonnas remain veiled through out the year.

Business Proposal Presentation

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The analysis of motivational factors has shown that administration of the Center provides competitive salaries and fringes to its staff, however, pays insufficient attention to the work recognition of the employees. In this respect, the solution of the stated problem consists in increasing motivation with a help of achievement recognition and provision of special privileges to medical staff.


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Google is one of the leading internet technology and advertising companies in the world. The company specializes in internet search engines and related advertising services. It maintains a large index of websites and other online content, which are freely available through its search engine.

Eczema Nursing Presentation

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The exact cause of eczema and dermatitis is still not clearly known, but it may be a result of interplay of host, genetic and environmental factors. Besides, the disorder is known to run in families and may be caused by certain autoimmune dysfunction. However, there are a range of exacerbating factors that need to be taken into consideration such as stress, pressure, etc.

Essay on The Bill Clinton Years in the White House

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At the age of 46, he became inaugurated and thus, considered among the youngest presidents in the USA history. He ascended to the presidency in the last days of Cold War and thereafter became the first president to come from the baby boomer generation. Many people consider him as a New Democrat.

The Quality of Risk Management in the Civil Engineering

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During the organization and subsequent construction of the engineering product a variety of questions must he asked by project organizers: are the inherent dangers of the construction to be measured in lives? Resources? Or a matter of future medical health risks?


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A partnership is a structure in which two or more people own a business. A partnership would provide the company a capital injection due to the sale of equity in the company, access to human capital, and a business associate that will participate in both the losses and gains of the company.

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It was in 1976 that the Supreme Court extended First Amendment Protection to advertising (Halbert & Ingulli, 2010, p. 231). The essential premise supporting this decision was a faith in the ability of the consumers to make apt purchasing decisions and the valid right of the consumer to be better educated and well informed.

Comparative Formal Analysis of Study for Aspects of Negro Life: An Idyll of Deep South and Venus Rising From Sea-A Deception

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Many artists during the classical period developed better artistic works, which have so far been the basis of decoration and modification. The following is a discussion of two great artistic works done by Aaron Douglas and Raphaellle Peale. These works portray the understanding, creativity, and invention regarding art that was experienced during the classical period.

Bibliography and Presentation

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Applied Psychology: An International Review, 55(3), 397-407. The article cited above evaluates the role of self-regulatory disaffection when dealing with personal disorders. The article has been selected to explain the role of counseling in treatment of personal disorders.

Expansion Joints Issues and Concepts

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Building faces, concrete slabs, pipes and bridges expand and contract year round due to seasonal changes or due to heat sources that affect the construction materials (Lima & Brito, 2009). Traditionally, these construction materials would expand and crack under stress.

Effects of Globalisation on Bolivia in the last 5 years

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In the elections of December 2005, Evo Morales became the president of the country by the greatest margin since the establishment of democracy in 1982. His socialist policies were considered to be the key in his success. After his huge success, he started working on the empowerment of the poor but some of his policies have given rise to racial clashes in the country between the natives and non natives of the country.

MGT506 - Strategic Leadership, Mod 3 Case

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The words of John Quincy Adams, or JQA, show that not only did he fully comprehend, but that he exemplified the essence of a servant leader. Servant leadership is more than a buzzword; it actually conveys one of the noblest and most profound constructs of leadership.

The Dark Side of Modernity

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In the field of sociology, modernity has been discussed by a number of philosophers like Marx Weber, Durkheim, Simmel, and Baudrillard among other sociologists. As such, these philosophers held diverse views about modernity and its outcome to the human society.

Marketing Concentration within Extended Academic Programs (EAP)

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This institution has campus extensions in China and Mexico known as China Incarnate Word and Centro Universitario Incarnate Word respectively (University of the Incarnate Word [UIW], 2011). This university has more than ninety-three Sister schools worldwide and the best study abroad or Extended Academic Program (EAP) ever.

presentation " Gang of eight "

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The proposed bill is part of the planned immigration reforms. Much debate has been going on about the issue for a long time and very soon after the last immigration reforms of 1986, it was noted that further reforms are necessary. This bill is the first major step towards implementation of the much needed reforms.

Quality Improvement, Health Care and Safety of the Patients

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This paper seeks to discover the various topics involved in quality improvement. It touches the issues of a quality framework in the field of medicine and what’s their importance. This paper also involves a discussion of patient satisfaction, equality and cost of healthcare and how nursing is an essential part of quality management in hospitals.

Mental workload when driving in a simulator: Effects of age and driving complexity

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Some of these difficulties encompass misjudgments, crashes (merging, angle & intersection), not being able to overtake appropriately (maneuvering). Consequently, this prompts them cause more accidents compared to the young generation drivers who at their prime years are capable of undertaking certain actions while driving with heightened precision.

ethical presentation

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Back then, Starbucks were still a roaster and retailer ofwhole bean and ground coffee, tea and spices witha single store in Seattle’sPike Place Market. Today, Starbucks has grown to nearly 18,000 retail stores in 60 countries serving millions of customers every day (Starbucks b).

Environmental Health Risk Assessment

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David Suzuki proposed that, “Our choices at all levels—individual, community, corporate and government—affect nature. And that affects us". Our environment can be broken down into three fundamental sets of components, these include, physical components, chemical components and biological components.

Information Systems Components

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Considering the nature of the games and the hordes of humanity expected to attend the various games, it is certainly expected that a lot of information will need to be relayed to various places at the quickest way possible. In the same way, it is important to realize that the likelihood of loss or distortion of information in such situations is always high.

Multinational Command Relationship Paper-english

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The Coalition Counsel is generally going to be headed by the United States, but all operations are going to go through the C2 Coalition Lead of the United States. All countries—Azerbaijan, Turkey, Great Britain, and the U.S.—are going to have to defer to the United States for instructions.

Customer Service Operations & Excellence presentation. 2 case studies. 12-16 slides.

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The service winners of are dependability, reliability, timeliness, quality and price (Krajewski et al., 2013). The service losers are failure to deliver the product in the quality promised or damaged products and late deliveries. The service qualifiers are having products in stock with full shelves most of the time, supplying the right grocery (as specified by customers) at the right place and time (as specified by the customer), being operational online for majority of the time (six days a week and 12 hours a day), a wide product portfolio (which goes beyond fruits and vegetables) and the convenience offered to customers to place their orders at the click of a button.

the presentation for nursing research

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Abstract This paper reviews the article, ‘effects of alcohol consumption on young women’s behaviour,’ as was authored by McMunn and published by Art and Science in 2008. Clarity of the aims, research questions, research hypothesis, and evaluation of studies The article explicitly expresses its aim as the need to investigate impacts of alcohol drinking on sexual behaviour of young women between, 16 and 24 years.

Communication Etiquette in the workplace

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Scholars have observed that, it is also good to praise good deeds in public and criticize the bad ones in private, especially in a workplace where everyone is an adult. The extent to which we are courteous is determined by the amount of respect and praise that we get from our friends and those surrounding us.

Varieties of Corporate Governance

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Aguillera and Gregory Jackson is to be analyzed over the core and supporting arguments discussed in it. Evidences and reliability of the article are also developed to construct the paper flowingly. Core Argument of the Reading The capitalist economies, certainly the highly developed ones, not only run their business with core essence of corporate governance; however, they also hold variations in their corporate governance system.

Making Solar Energy Economical

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It is cognizant that energy cannot be destroyed or created but can be converted to many forms. It also appreciates that energy comes from the physical part of the environment and returns there ultimately. Providing energy is possible by harnessing energy conversion processes to transfer and reuse the available energy (Beggs 32).

Transformers movie & comic book

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It was just not the movie which has left the audience enthralled, but also the comic books which swept many records. Though both the cinema and comic books have won the hearts of millions, it was the cinema indeed that has had a stronger impact on audience and better success.

Presentation-Guglielmo Marconi

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A comprehensive understanding of the impact of the development will be provided in this paper. Background of Guglielmo Marconi Marconi was born in Italy, to be very specific in Bologna, his Father was an Italian who was a landowner and his Mother was Irish.

This is about my engineering class

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Married people have developed nuclear families in which both partners work and earn. Their hectic routine leaves them with little to no time for cooking. This causes them to rely upon ready made food that is often a compromise upon the individuals’ hygiene and money.

Justice and the Island of Tagg

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Unjust laws oppose cultural values of the members of a society. According to Edlin (2008), formulating a just law requires a consensus from both the authorities and the public. Formulating a law without a consensus in the society will result to enactment of unjust laws.

New drug creation: an analysis of the key components, considerations, and costs associated with such a process

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One of the most challenging aspects of bringing any new drug to market is the long, difficult, and exorbitantly expensive process that drug manufacturers and/or research and development institutions must endure as a process of realizing such an end.

Media and Privacy

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SITUATION DEFINITON FACTS What has been referred to as ‘Massacre at Langdale High’ transpired in Andersonville- a small town in the United States. This gruesome crime shocked the whole country, with such a magnitude that people were overwhelmed to hear about it.

Test presentation and critique

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From these ten, three sample tests were selected to be analysed in the seminar. We then read extensively on rules of grammar and testing languages. This guided us in answering the tests and pointing out the techniques and approaches used in testing languages.

"As a Sales Manager in today's difficult retail environment, what steps do you take to ensure your team members achieve their sa

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The research focuses on the four steps of the marketing strategy. Implementation of the four step of the company’s marketing strategy will ensure the team members achieve their sales productivity and provide excellence in Australian retain industry customer service market segment.

Multi National Companies- Boon or bane of globalization?

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With the improvement in communication and transportation and gradually diminishing inter country restrictions in movement the whole world seems to be chained with the realm of globalization. Though much cheered yet it seems that globalization seems to create a strange environment that provides costly outfits but no food.

the walt disney company (competitive analysis)

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For example, the overall competition in the studio entertainment and movies may be different as compared to the competition it may face in the theme park business. Similarly, consumer products and internet and direct marketing segment of the business may face competition on entirely new grounds.

International HRM

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It is however advised that both these aspects are intertwined, and will be studied in relation to each other, as organisational culture is profoundly shaped by national culture. Culture and the Organisation: Most authors agree with the traditional assumption that corporate or organisational cultures are predominantly influenced by the national cultures where the organisations operate (Mullins, 2003; Robbins, 2003; Hofstede, 1997; Hofstede & Hofstede, 2005).
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