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Research & Development Case Study Report Case study on British Broadcasting Company (BBC) Table of Contents Topic Page no. Introduction 3 Aims & Objectives of the Organization 4 Technology Strategy Review of the Company 8 Organizational Structure 11 The BBC Story 13 Media Activities of the Company 13 Funding of BBC Services 16 Careers, Employees & Different Roles 17 SWOT Analysis of BBC 21 The Future of the BBC 24 Conclusion 27 Letter of Thanks 29 Personal Evaluation of Learning Outcome 30 Reference 32 Introduction: Considering the media industry in the United Kingdom, it has been learnt that the industry has huge opportunities in the fields of computer graphics, computer games, creation of f


Although the media industry has shown to get affected by the recession, yet with technology, the industry seems to be growing increasingly over the last couple of years. With more and more digitalization and interactive media, the media of television is changing and improving all the more from before. However working in the media sector may be very challenging and employees may have to spend long working hours. The industry is huge employing more than five lakh people, with the interactive media being the largest in the sector (Montgomery, 2010). The BBC or the British Broadcasting Company is the leading broadcasting association in the world. It is a community service broadcaster recognized by a Royal Charter and funded by the households who pay the license fees. ...
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