How to utilize and enhance City Year social media

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How to Utilize and Enhance City Year Social Media INTRODUCTION San Antonio City Year can be considered as one of the effective full-time and well-built team-based programs of AmeriCorps. The program can also be regarded as one of the most effective and well-known initiatives, which is highly committed towards providing adequate human capital support in order to address various types of educational crisis in different educational institutions.


The paper tends to briefly analyze the role and significance of social media in terms of creating considerable awareness through developing adequate planning for San Antonio City Year which can protect students from rising dropout crisis within the state. The discussion in this essay will also focus on demonstrating effective communication and customer service facilities which can enable San Antonio City Year to efficiently increase its number of members from both students at the risks of dropout and AmeriCorps members. RECOMMENDATIONS Demographic Analysis Of Social Media In San Antonio. According to the present day context, the association with social media has been witnessed to significantly increase amid the young adult population within the age group of 16-24 years. In relation to the observation of present usage of social media, it can be identified that a few of the major social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube among others are widely used by the young adults in San Antonio. Facebook. ...
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