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News and Communication Theory" Sharp Question Essay How has the emergence of Social Media re-shaped the gathering, dissemination and character of news? What are the trends for the future? Twitter is currently a prominent journalistic tool but will it survive or be surpassed and/or transformed?


Significant level of literature on polarisation as well as selective exposure supposes that the Internet aggravates the fragmentation or separation of the media as well as of the citizenry. Nevertheless, this pays no attention to how the widespread utilisation of social media has changed news consumption across the world. Social media endow with readers a choice or option of stories from dissimilar sources that come advocated from politically, economically as well as socially heterogeneous individuals in the context that highlights social value over different ethnic affiliations. Building on different existing models of news and information selectivity (in respect to the business of journalism) to give emphasis to information utility, various researchers have hypothesised that the distinctive feature, social and political endorsements of social media trigger different decision heuristics which suggest utility. In respect to two experiments, researchers have demonstrates that much stronger social endorsements raise the probability that individuals select information and that their attendance decreases different selective exposure to the levels indistinguishable from the notion of chance (Messing and Westwood, 2011, p.1). ...
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