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Name Course Instructor Institution Date A Review of The Bicycle Thieves (1948) Introduction The Bicycle Thieves is 1948 movie directed by Vittorio De Sica, an Italian film director. The movie is based on a novel written by Luigi Bartoni and was adopted for screenplay by Cesare Zavattini (Haberski 45) The movie is regarded as one of the best films of Italian neo-realism, a movement which began in 1945 to give a new degree to realism in Italian cinematography (Haberski 57).


The movie stars Lamberto Maggioni as Antonio Ricci, who is the desperate and poor father who has his most precious item, the bicycle, stolen from him. The movie also features Enzo Staiola as Bruno Ricci, who is Antonnio’s son, and Lianella Carell as Maria Ricci, who plays as Antonio’s wife and Bruno’s mother. The film director, De Sica, failed to get sponsors for this movie because he had just made another highly controversial movie, Shoeshine. He therefore sought financial support from his friends to finance the film. The movie was shot on location with untrained amateur actors. The film focuses on themes of unemployment and poverty experienced in Italy after the World War II. The movie is based upon a post war Italian economy that was characterized with high unemployment rates and poverty among Italians (Huda 44). Antonio, the main actor, is poor man and unemployed for some time before he is offered a job of sticking movie posters on the streets. Since this job requires a bicycle for transportation and Antonio does not have one, his wife, Maria, assists him to get one. The bicycle is stolen on Antonio’s first day at work. ...
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