Essay sample - In a period of financial crises, how can public relations contribute to a company's marketing and sales efforts? Give examples.

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Introduction Businesses are considered as positive force in any given society; therefore, their reputation holds strategic importance not only for firms but for society as well. Having effective relationship with their stakeholders is one of the key areas, which can actually help organizations to remain successful…


The failure of large and stronger organizations suggested that organizations may be vulnerable from inside and there is a greater distrust in public regarding the way companies are operating nowadays. There are certain firms which however have been able to use better PR to improve their image in public and subsequently have been able to improve their sales and marketing activities. A natural question therefore arises as to whether firms and businesses can actually use their public relations for generating more sales and improve their marketing activities during the times of economic and financial crisis? This paper will therefore attempt to discuss as to how firms can use their public relations to improve their sales and marketing during financial crisis. Public Relations One of the key elements of public relations is the flow of communication between organizations and their public. Public Relations are primarily based on effective communication between the organization and its public. The term public relation, therefore, is often used interchangeably with terms like Organizational Communication, as well as Communication management. However, PR as a term is broader in nature because it envisages different aspects of strategic nature which directly affects an organization (Grunig, 1992). ...
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