Explore the impact of globalization, deregulation and neoliberalism on media diversity and public service broadcasting.

Explore the impact of globalization, deregulation and neoliberalism on media diversity and public service broadcasting. Essay example
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Introduction Capitalists played a crucial or critical role as key players of globalisation. For instance, the international media companies engaged into this international integration of sophisticated businesses primarily due to the emancipation of advanced technologies employed in the media…


We call this as neoliberalism, which includes national and international policies encouraging business domination in social affairs due to slight countervailing force (Luxton and Braedley, 2010). If we dig deeper on this, media deregulation holds the greatest influence of the emancipation of media neoliberalism, as a product of the revolutionary existence of globalisation. Now we have the idea that globalisation revolutionises everything leading us head straight to how the government emancipates media deregulation to promote neoliberalism for the ultimate vision of giving substantial opportunities for the receiver of public service and including the service providers themselves. For this matter, the work at hand explores the impact of globalization, deregulation and neoliberalism on media diversity and public service broadcasting. The power to impart information and influence people When we say media, they could be the most powerful entities in our society that are capable to give us information and influence people. Concerning this, one important implication of globalization, deregulation and neoliberalism on media diversity and public service broadcasting is the level of power they have particularly on how they impart information and influence people at some point. Many people rely on their decisions based on the information they usually acquire from the media. ...
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