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Name: Course Instructor: Date: Movies Out of all the films we watched this semester my favorite film was he ‘Bicycle Thieves’. It combines a variety of themes that have remained relevant up to date. This is because it is a neorealist film that portrays the tough living conditions of Italians after the war.


The film mainly concentrated on the lives of the ordinary people, like Ricci and his family, and how they struggle daily to make ends meet. It also shows the desperation of such poor people and their belief in traditions such as seers for consolation. In the end, morally upright people like Ricci indulge in unlawful acts such as theft because they are driven by circumstances like poverty and failed police systems. Citizen Kane is a film that exceptionally uses a variety of camera features and effects to produce quality work. An example of camera technique used is the low camera angle at different scenes (Mamer 167). The aim of this was to elaborate the tension between characters in the film, which in turn displayed dominance or threatening mood in the film. This technique has been used in the floor scene where there was a confrontation between Kane and Jed. It has also been used at the scene where Kane died. The film is also composed of non linear story telling feature. This is because it is full of flashbacks and flash forwards when Kane dies, which attempt to explain it. Another feature is the use of varying points of view. This is illustrated when the close friends of Kane try to explain what he could have meant when he said ‘Rosebuds’. These two techniques assist in placing the audience in the shoes of the reporter. ...
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