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Name Instructor Course Date Role of Social Networking Sites in the Lives of Contemporary Youth Introduction Media as a whole has some influence on its target audience, be it the adults or the young children, depending on the content and extent of usage. Anderson states that people find themselves engaged in media activities without the knowledge of their subconscious mind (16).


In the past, children and young adults used to be protected against unhealthy content form the mainstream media outlets such as radio, television, and print media (Carmen 53). However, things have taken a new twist since the advent of the social networking sites that have attracted the attention of most people across the world, including large corporations. Indeed, the social media plays a significant role in the lives of contemporary youth especially in the wake of rapidly advancing technology (Doctorow, Homeland 32). The goal of the SNS research project is to explore the children’s point of view towards the Internet and online social networking sites such as Facebook. This paper seeks to discover the major social networking sites and their connection to contemporary children’s culture by analyzing how children use and view such sites. It accomplishes this through quantitative methodology where the surveys make use of questionnaires in addition to using the three-pronged approach of Douglas Kellner in explaining certain scenarios. According to Carmen, social networking sites are web-based software that allows people to create their profiles and add other individuals with whom they would wish to connect, share, and chat with especially in exchanging updates (57). ...
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