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Probation and Punishment

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Although he occasionally takes alcohol and takes drugs, he does not want this to interfere with his future. He hopes to go to college and start a business. Additionally, he is married and looking forward to life without unfavorable events during and after probation.

The Case Analysis Written Assignment for Stewart v Secretary of State for Scotland 1998 SLT 385

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The appellant pleaded for the narrower interpretation of the word “inability” to which he assert only pertains to “unfitness through illness”. He further asserts that the narrower interpretation of “inability” pertaining to physical and mental infirmity is more apropos in its application to resolve the controversy in his case.

The Puerto Rico Judiciary: A Model State System

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The Puerto Rico Judiciary: A Model State System The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico consists of Puerto Rico among other minor islands. It covers an approximate area of 13,780 square kilometers whereby 8,860 square kilometers is the mainland while approximately 4,900 is the area covered with water.

Criminal Legal Principle

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There is a need to govern the act of omission through common law. This is because at the present moment we cannot afford to draft a specific legislation for an act of omission because theoretically that will only complicate the confusion with respect to act of omission.

How has Forensic Science Impacted Anit-terrorism Internationally or Nationally?

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How has forensic science impacted anti-terrorism internationally or nationally? Student Name Course Name TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 3 Current Challenges 4 Best Practices 5 Resources 6 Applicable Technology 8 Research and Evaluation Needs 9 Homeland Securities 11 References 13 Introduction The word of crime and the area of technology have come together to make this world a place of complexity.

Constitutional Rights Essay

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These rights are also classified as natural or technical rights, based on whether they deal with personal or state issues (Subcommittee on the Constitution, 1982). The 2nd amendment states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Cornell, n.d.).

Critically analyse the extent to which the courts rely on policy considerations when determining international trade cases.

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However, many emerging issues and trends have rendered this practice almost insignificant as complexity of these cases has increased. Many nations have also formulated their own trade rules and regulation. From these laws they argue that any offenders from their country should be tried in regard to the laws of the land.

Independence Test for Former Auditors and Other Professionals joining Board of Directors

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The former partner or partners or other professionals of an audit firm may become member(s) of the board of directors of a company or hold any other position of authority in that company which has been an audit client of that audit firm.

The United Nations and international order

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ised doubts about the UN’s significance in maintaining international order.2 This paper analyzes the historical and political underpinnings of the UN and its role in establishing international order. This paper essentially examines and analyzes the objectives of the UN and how those objectives are expressed and implemented.

Pazzi conspiracy

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Due to these happenings, the Pope Sixtus decided to excommunicate Florence, on claims that Lorenzo de Medici caused the death of the Archbishop Pisa, with the help from eight town councils (Martinez 59). The pope through his ius commune and cannon law raises some doubt on the legality of his action to excommunicate Florence.

Proposed Puerto Rico Court System

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The judiciary is also charged with the responsibility of interpreting laws that govern a state. It is the work of the judiciary to provide a just and fair mechanism through which wrongdoers can have their cases assessed and rulings made in accordance to the constitution.

Law of Contract Master Case Study

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Generally, for a contract to exist and to be valid more weight is directed to the intention of creating legal relationship by all parties involved.1 Under this case of Bob versus Alan, it is evident that both parties have an intention to create a legal relationship between them.

Implications of Complementary Jurisdiction in International Law

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What are the implications of the principle of complementary jurisdiction in the statute of international court with special reference to the role of universal jurisdiction in the international justice system?

Mechanism of trade dispute settlement in the light of international trading system

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The main focus of this research pertains to the WTO dispute settlement mechanisms among nations. This sort of research is important in order to assess and analyse the various dispute settlement mechanisms available to member nations, involved in disputes.

WTO Dispute Settlement Procedures

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As a global organisation whose agreements are negotiated by its member nations the preceding represent rules as well as regulations that are legally binding with respect to policies on trade and tariffs. Within this area disputes arise that are heard and settled under the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) Dispute Settlement Understanding.

Assessing the Arguments Related to Shareholder Primacy and Stakeholder Theory in Corporate Governance

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Over the last decade or so, there has been significant debate over the manner in which a corporation should model its objectives pursuant to corporate governance. Two theories of corporate governance have dominated this debate: the Anglo-American model which emphasizes shareholder primacy or the European model which emphasizes stakeholder primacy.

An Analysis of the Criminal Justice System

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Historical efforts to reduce youth violence worked and some are still effective for instance counseling and early detection. Crime levels by the youth have reduced more than half in the last forty years. Drug use is a major challenge since it has been increasing despite numerous resources put into reducing the vice.

The Criminal Justice System

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The criminological theories that resulted from the activism of these movements did not only target the criminal justice systems but also the correctional aspect of justice such as prisons and delinquent correction facilities such as approved schools (Agnew & Cullen, 2006).

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Arbitration & Mediation

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In spite of being dissimilar, the connected between the two seems extricable such that they appear to be two sides of a coin. All laws, which based on assessment of bias, use these two notions together. The laws that do not employ the two terms are the English Arbitration Act and the International Chamber of Commerce.

Common Law

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The important decision in respect of contract can be said to be Smith v Hughes , wherein the courts laid down the subjective as well as the objective test was laid down so as to determine whether a contract was existent or not.

Mediation Observation Paper

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The effectiveness and appropriateness of mediation is that it gives individual parties chances to express themselves with assurance of maintaining confidentiality of the views. Mediation also ensure protection of human rights as the process provides an open ground for free expression of opinions as to the way forward out of the conflict faced.

Music Industry Management (Entertainment Law: Portfolio)

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Entertainment law covers various laws such as company law, contract law, sales of goods law, employment law, the contract law, the law of torts, the labor or employment law as well as the intellectual property (trademarks, and copyright law).The author describes in details each of the entertainment law's component.

International Arbitration Law

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Accordingly, an agreement is considered an arbitration agreement when it constitute an arbitration clause or has provided arbitration as the ultimate method of dispute resolution1. Arbitration does not arise automatically as a possible method for resolving the dispute unlike seeking courts assistance.

Critically discuss the notion of corporate social responsibility giving particular attention to minimum legal expectations.

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Essentially, the businesses engage in some activity like production of goods or delivery of service to generate some revenue to enhance its sustainable development. This becomes the traditional economic role of the business organization. However, the operations of these business organizations are carried out in some societal context involving the human population and the environment.

corporate social responsibility-the legal context

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It is only through a wholistic approach in corporate governance that a definitive solution may be reached. Parkinson was correct when he posited that the internal affairs of a corporation should not be insulated from regulatory intervention.(1993) The recession that has hit much of Europe and America and the widely-reported corporate scandals have highlighted the need to make corporate governance at the top of a company’s order of priorities and the overriding principle guiding its directors.

Crime Control

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Police has often tried to lay these mentioned strategies with an aim of reducing crime that prevails along streets and in dark corners found in towns. Some of the crime control methods put into practice have proved to be effective whereas others have not.


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Those who have been defending the voluntary approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) have pointed out that banks have to prescribe new self-regulatory rules. Three years after the financial crisis, the UK’s biggest establishments have agreed to the new provisions of ethical conduct, mostly aimed towards improving the way people are doing business.

What can Nigeria learn from the previous mistakes in electricity liberalisation?

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What Can Nigeria Learn From the Previous Mistakes in Electricity Liberalisation? In the current world, electricity liberalization is a global phenomenon, though only a handful of nations have achieved considerable liberalization. Perhaps, liberalization in the electricity industry has unique challenges.

Pursing Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

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In USA, President’s Commission on law enforcement and administration of justice played significant role in bringing several positive changes in the law enforcement or Police system. It has also undergone tremendous changes after the terrorist attack of World Trade Centre in USA on 11th September, 2001.

Mandatory Sentencing

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Indeed the rate of incarcerations in the USA is one of the highest in the world, which is shameful for a country that considers itself the world’s foremost superpower and protector of human rights. Mandatory sentencing has been cited as one of the reasons behind the overpopulation in our prisons, creating situations where crime is further exacerbated by the formation of gangs, hardcore and small time criminals being grouped together, and the fact that some criminals are in need of medical attention rather than a life of incarceration that does not remedy their particular situation or suit their particular needs.


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Prison Population and Rates of Incarceration in the United States of America among Racial Minority Populations. Prison populations are rapidly growing with no leveling off of growth rate in sight in the United States. The cost of maintaining these facilities, feeding and providing for the prisoners as well as providing security is high, and many prisons are operating at close to or above full capacity.

The Complexities of Gendered, Sexualized and Racialised Violence and the response of criminal law and criminal justice

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The paper looks into the correlation between crime and gender. The paper further looks into the aspect of rape and assumptions on the subject about gender and sexuality1. The generally accepted view is that that criminality and crime are the area of the male; the belief is that men are further possibly than women to be both the victims and perpetrators of a broad variety of criminal’s actions2.

Football Hooliganism. Causes of ‘Football Hooliganism’.

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Football Hooliganism. Professional football is certainly the most popular spectator sport around the world. Although attending a football match is generally considered as a male activity, 12% spectators of popular derby matches are female fans. This is sometimes due to their urge for respective clubs, but the most familiar aspect is the urge for particular players they follow.

British Constitution

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A constitution forms the fundamental basis of governance in different levels of organizations, from sovereign states to companies and other cooperatives. There are two forms of constitutions, the written or codified constitution and the unwritten or uncodified constitution.

Rectifying Issues in Corrections

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For the inmates, the prison’s overcrowding has many diverse negative effects. According to research prison, overcrowding creates aggression, competition for the limited resources, increased higher suicide rates and increased recidivism likelihood, and increased illness rates.

Can Concept of Enlightened Shareholder Value Succeed in Bridging the Gap between the Shareholder and Stakeholders Value Theories

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Much debate has been seen throughout the years on what the goals of corporations should be. In order to seek an answer to this query, the shareholder value principle and the stakeholder theory has been considered.

Practice and Ethics of Intelligence-Led Policing

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The main purpose of the strategy is to reduce the crimes preventing the offenders from committing them. In order to implement the strategy, it makes use of different off-the-record data and information regarding crimes as well as criminals, and detailed analyses are made on this collected information such that tactical policies may be adopted for purposes of crime prevention and reduction.

In spite of the obvious economic connection between companies within the same group, English law has steadfastly maintained its policy of treating such companies as distinct legal entities.”- Consider the need for reform

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The English Company law asserts that companies in the United Kingdom should be treated as separate legal entities from their owners. Different cases have plagued the English law culminating to the creation of different names that are aimed at delineating the separate legal entity that exists between companies within the same group.

Duncan v. Kahanamoku

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Therefore, even though the powers of the executive including the president’s authority are always paramount, there is necessity that such authorities or actions be supported by pre-conditions fueling such actions (Robinson, 2009). As in the Duncan’s case, the civilian must never be seen to be threatened by the security that should actually protect them. It should be noted such actions constitutes to violation of human right as provided for in the constitution; thus, they should be evaded at all costs.  

Appropriate Justification for Punishment

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Societies, over time, have always had disciplinary measures for undesirable behavior, which mostly happens within social institutions such as families, schools, churches or correction centers. Someone in authority always administers punishment over a junior person, for behavior that they consider inappropriate.

Female Offenders Research Paper

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Similarly the rate has ever increased and in 2005 it was found that the rate of women jailed increased by around 4.5%. Moreover several researches have been conducted to find out the number of African Americans amongst these women and it has been found that these African American women are more likely to be imprisoned than their counterparts.

Emerging Technologies

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Also, this significant aspect i.e. execution of advanced technologies has been able to ensure the making of greater law enforcement efforts especially in investigation and prosecution of crime in an appropriate manner. On a different note, technological advancements are also opening grounds for increased amount of criminal activities.

Supreme Court/Fisher - University of Texas Affirmative Action

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This paper will look into the conflict that exists in regard to affirmative action and legacy; focusing on the supreme courts decision that it will render in the Fisher v University of Texas case next year.

Medic Law (There are two question in total, I would like to have 500 words each)

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The second one, is consent should be voluntary and this means that the patients should provide their agreement without restrictions, threats, force, terror or for any unfair gain for instance in the case of Beausoleil Vs sisters of Charity. Lastly, it should be relative to the treatment provided.

Dispute Resolution and Construction

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The enforceability of adjudication awards under such a standard contract may face difficulties in UAE and many other countries. Discuss the enforceability of adjudication awards and provide recommendations to overcome such difficulties. Introduction Adjudication refers to legal decision making concerning a dispute such that the final outcome is officially endorsed.

English legal system

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The problem in this question relates to the development of the English Legal System and what were the different sources and characteristics of the legal system. Furthermore, the external elements and influences also need to be taken into account when answering the question.

Constitutional Law: Eminent Domain

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Supreme Court which overlooked the circumvention of prohibition of taking of private property in a State action. Fifth amendment The U.S. constitution has no specific provisions for private property rights though it protects them. The Fifth Amendment prohibits taking away of private property for public purposes without just compensation.

Insolvency Law: Wrongful and Fraudulent Trading

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Among the many cited ambiguities of the relevant directors’ duties, determining whether or not a director breached his/her duties by acting fraudulently or wrongfully pursuant to Sections 213 and 214 of the Insolvency Act 1986 or merely acted incompetently.

Partnership Law:Case Analysis

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However, partnership laws state that partnership deed is not a necessary element to set up a partnership (Business Link). In contrast, a partnership may sometimes arise by oral agreement or conduct. Although the four students have not set up a partnership deed, they have equally devoted their time, effort, and money toward their mission over a specific stage of partnership period.

Identify and Summarize Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice Management

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The Criminal Justice System is set to be, “The purpose of the Criminal Justice System is to deliver justice for all.” Criminal Justice is the fundamental system of institution and organizations of governments focussed at preserving crime and stopping crime.
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