The Reasons of Abolishing Marriage

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The subject of the article by Michael Kinsley is marriage as the social institution sanctioned by government. Recently there were a lot of discussions for or against gay marriage. The main obstacle for passing necessary laws is that the government cannot define its position as to this question.


The author predicts numerous discussions that won't lead to a considerable result. So, he suggests abolishing marriage as a possible way to settle down the matter. This, he supposes, will satisfy both sides that are now opposite to each other.
At first, Kinsley states, that the end of the governmental monopoly on the sanctioning of marriage will help the situation. He advises to let the churches and some other institutions, like casinos and department stores deliver special ceremonies, if they wish it. These ceremonies would be regarded as wedding ceremonies. As for this suggestion, it is really hard to see it fulfilled. At first, church marriage has been regarded as fully legitimate marriage within the centuries, with all the duties and rights that now become available for spouses that are married with the help of state constitutions. And at present church marriage is regarded in many countries, especially with Christian churches, as an integral part of civil marriage. It is easy to forecast common protest against ranking church marriages with the ceremonies delivered in, for instance, casinos. Moreover, the Christian church, as well as other religious institutions, makes provisions for heterosexual marriages only. It is impossible to change the church doctrines and the notion of the faithful as to this question.
The other thing that is proposed by the author of the article is to allow marriage betwee ...
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