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The Legal Profession: The Differences & Similiarities Between Solicitors & Barristers - Coursework Example

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The researcher states that in the legal profession, there are two main categories of a lawyer - solicitors and barristers. The paper discusses the differences they have, as well as tries to find their similarities to get a real understanding of their work…

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The Legal Profession: The Differences & Similiarities Between Solicitors & Barristers

The focus in this paper is on the differences and similarities between solicitors and barristers. From this research it is clear that barristers and solicitors do the same type of work – advocacy, which means representing clients in court, and paperwork, including drafting legal documents and giving written advice – but the proportions differ, with barristers generally spending a higher proportion of their time in court.
According to the research findings becoming a barrister or solicitor requires different area of academic backgrounds, they both have different regulating body, area of specialization and what they do. Solicitors take care of most legal businesses. In other words they handle the affairs relating to the running of the affairs of a legal office. Typically, a solicitor advices clients on legal, business and personal matters. Barristers on the other hand perform the technical aspects of the judicial process. They specialise in trial and appellant advocacy. Also, this essay analyzes difference between the two branches of the legal profession by way of progression into membership.
And the last but not the least - this research paper highlights that in countries like the United States of America, the role of the Barrister and Solicitor is not separated. A lawyer can decide to practice as a solicitor or barrister. There is therefore an ongoing debate about whether the legal profession should remain separated between these two classes or merged like it is in other countries.
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