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Essay example - reflection and claim of my public law

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The first allows citizens the right to access publicly-held environmental information, which increases transparency and accountability. Second pillar gives the citizens right of participation in decision making processes and…

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For instance, the UK ratified the convention which sought the access of justice in environmental cases. In this study, I noted from Professor Reid established that UK had the highest cost in terms of environmental cases in Europe. Therefore, in his proposal, he sought to reduce if not to remove financial and other barriers to accessing of justice (Pannick 2009).
On describing the prohibitive costs as a huge barrier, I established in Professor Reid statement, that the current UK review procedures do not satisfy the convention requirements. However, to assume international conventions, I acknowledged that the European member countries, including the UK has to pass own ratification, and then issue a directive to facilitate full compliance with own legal system. Notably, the Ministry of justice issued a directive to effect changes in the civil procedure rules. This was in line with Jackson review commission recommendations, which proposed reduction of legal costs. The intent of the Ministry of justice was to amend the law such that it limits the cost at £ 5,000 against the current £30, 0000. Based on this, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) indicated satisfactory progress on the first two pillars, whereas little progress was attributed to lack of will to implement the directive issued in regard to the third pillar. Referring to the 2008 Sullivan Report in which both European commission and compliance committee of the convention raised an alarm due to the high cost associated with environmental cases; Lord Jackson suggested on a qualified way of shifting costs in all judicial reviews. I did agree with Lord Jackson proposal that costs against any claimant should not exceed a reasonable amount, which one is capable to pay. What I have also realized in regard to the international treaties is that UK courts establish law based on international ...
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