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The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

VAWA has reauthorized funds for the prosecution processes.
According to Doerner (2012), the creation of a national domestic violence hotline is also a provision of VAWA. Every victim of domestic violence has a right to use this hotline at any time. It has also allocated funds for different kinds of programs and initiatives which include shelter for the victims, education programs and programs to increase outreach to women living in rural areas (Doerner, 2012).
In accordance to VAWA laws, it is a crime for a person convicted of domestic violence to transport, receive or possess firearms or ammunition. Government officials are exempt from this ban if the firearm is government issued (Nicoletti et al, 2010).
The allocation of funds for initiatives and programs to support the victims of crime has tremendously improved their lives. The services offered such as healthcare and education has helped them restructure their lives and live comfortably. Reported cases of violence such as sexual assault and battery have reduced since the enactment of VAWA. This has a positive impact especially to girls and women who are the major victims (Biden, 2005).
The federal civil right of action encourages women to make false allegations, and petition for child custody. This may lead to fathers being denied of the rights of being with their children. A woman seeking help from a center funded by VAWA is offered the option of leaving her husband, divorcing him and accusing him of being a criminal. VAWA makes all women victims of men (Schlafly, 2005).
One of the controversial remedies has been the ban on possession of guns by anyone convicted of domestic violence. Firearms and domestic violence are a deadly combination. Abusers who have access to firearms pose a great threat not only to those they have abused but also to the larger society. Ineffective implementation of the laws by judges, as well as those in civil and criminal justice system, may bring a threat of injury or death to ...
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One of these provisions is the federal civil right of action. This gives an opportunity for a victim of violence to sue the perpetrator for civil damages…
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