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Bernard Shaw's Ceasar and Cleopatra

The play has two layers. The first one deals with the fact that Shaw wanted to prove that it wasn't love but politics that drew Cleopatra to Julius Caesar. Shaw stresses the relations between the Roman and Egyptian conquerors. In contrast to what probably happened historically, Cleopatra successfully arranges for the murder of the eunuch Pothinus after he humiliates her in front of Caesar.
The famous scene in which Cleopatra is secretly brought inside a rolled carpet into Caesar's presence was credited by Otto Skorzeny as the inspiration for his doing the same to his kidnapping victim Mikls Horthy, Jr. in 1944 during Operation Panzerfaust.
It is en evident that the play's was an incredible while we analyze the film version of the same story. Filmed in Technicolor with lavish sets, the production was rumored to be the most expensive film ever made in Britain at that time. Pascal went so overboard with this production that he went to Egypt to collect sand to get the right color.
It is nevertheless the stronghold of the history that captivates us towards the pivotal role of the character. Cleopatra's story has fascinated scores of writers and artists through the centuries. ...
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George Bernard Shaw used a unique technique to depict Cleopatra in his one of the famous work "Ceasar and Cleopatra". Since it is historical play he could successfully bring the social reflection of the time under the royal invasion of territories focusin the fact of Roman invasion of the world with a special reference of Egypt and the consequences…
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