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Online social and business networking communities

Various networks have sprung over the internet that allow user to connect to each other for leisure and fun or for commercial purposes. Depending upon the type of connectivity a site offers it is categorized as a social networking or a business networking site.In the light of the author’s point of view it was observed that initially the students became members of the online social networking community just for leisure. The absence of any elderly supervision and the ability of the users to aimlessly surf through all parts of the social networking sites owing to their young and inexperienced age led to a number of problems just after the lapse of very little amount of time. Detailed analysis reveals that the teenagers created their personal profiles on the social networking sites by including all their actual personal details in them. Commenting upon the social statuses of users in their friends’ circle the user often forgot all their personal ethical boundaries and often tagged and commented upon others’ profiles in order to mock them. Once a mischievous comment was passed on a user’s profile it often became the word of mouth both in the physical world and online. Majority of users in the friends circle would start mocking the poor particular user in the very same manner. This would often lead to quite an embarrassing situation for the poor user who himself would not have anything to do with this issue majority of times. ...
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The paper “Online Social and Business Networking Communities” revolves around networking sites over the internet that have, in the present times, become part of every household worldwide. The inception of internet has widened various horizons for man. …
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