Are science and religion in conflict?

Are science and religion in conflict? Essay example
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Modern science began taking its true shape in the 16th century, while religion was around for a much longer period. The relation between these two great forces at times proved to be confusing, many-faceted and tumultuous.


Truth behind religion is treated as universal and eternal, essentially a question of faith, and widely accepted and not challenged or questioned in general. In case of science, the authority is based on evidence and reasons. It is always open to challenges, it tries to arrive at a conclusion to a question by findings and evidences and application of pure logic. The most significant question that is answered in this paper is whether science and religion are at conflict or at concord. (Religion and Science, 2010)
Science made it possible for human beings to have a different outlook, where questions are asked and attempts are made to answer them. But religion always remained unquestionable to all. For example, when it comes to the precious gift of life, it is argued whether it has been designed by the almighty or just emerged from evolution – that can be explained by science by putting forward various scientific theories. Christianity lies at the forefront of Western Civilization, which at times has been successful in discarding the scientific rationale behind the evolution of life. The undeniable and reasonable explanations of science often challenge religious ideas – the later is an expression of social emotion and as such much more sensitive. Science indicates advancement in terms of progressive thinking for the betterment of life but religion remains as a faith, deeply rooted in the society and the minds of many human beings (Padgett, 2007). In terms of the fundaments and the basic essence science and religion are in conflict. ...
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