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Discuss the role of wisdom in true virtue according to Meno and the Phaedo

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It is well known that Greek philosopher Socrates was given a death sentence on the charge of corrupting youth with his teachings. He was given a dose of hemlock, a toxic substance that causes suffocation leading to death.

The Concept of the Soul, by Plato

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d that not all the desires are part of the belief and therefore they had association with reason. All the part that form ones soul have certain desires within them, but when it comes to the appetitive or the spirited part of the soul then these desires are not merely constituted by belief or the decision making/ choices that is linked to good.

Distinction between just and unjust laws

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Hence, this significant letter has established how any State law can be inhumane and unjust and it’s the public’s utmost responsibility to condemn it, and protest against it so the governments should take necessary steps to amend the unjust and unethical law.


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ARGUMENTS RELATED TO THE DISCUSSION In order to render an in-depth argumentative perspective pertaining to the terms priori and Posteriori knowledge along with epistemology, different viewpoints will be studied. The terms priori and posteriori are essentially used in the field of philosophy.

Night by Elie Wiesel

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Personally for Wiesel, death threatens to overpower him at every moment between those years (1941—1945).A strong element of doubt creeps into Elie Wiesel’s mind, how God deals with humankind in such an atrocious style.

Utilitarianism. Evaluation of the Objection

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Utilitarianism. Evaluation of the Objection Utilitarianism is a theory of ethics that holds that: the best course of action maximizes the greatest overall “good” for the largest number of individuals. Therefore, it is a form of consequentialism, which states that; the moral action’s worth is usually determined by the results of its outcome.

Descartes' Doubt

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Descartes asserts that senses are illusionary and hinder the knowledge of the truth. Descartes postulates the cogito by pure thinking and claims that human beings should accept it as the truth. Descartes argues that people discover physical objects by analyzing their own concept of a physical object and not through sense experience (Broughton & Carriero, 2010).

Argument Essay on Pro Euthanasia

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11 June 2011 Argument Essay On Pro Euthanasia A medical treatment called active euthanasia which means to actively do something that will end a patient’s life with or without that individual’s consent. Euthanasia in an involuntary manner is usually only done because the patient is comatose or unconscious, or unable to communicate whether or not they want to have their life prolonged through artificial means.

Moral Relativism

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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Moral relativism Moral relativism is a philosophical theory that morality, principles, ethics are relative which are culturally dependent as well count on an individual’s choice. This morality is not absolute, it does not hold for all people at any place and it depends on time and situation too.

The Mustang That i have never got.

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May parent’s worry is, what if I commit mistakes? With this apprehension they are denying me the opportunity to commit mistakes and learn from them and take the corrective course, wherever necessary. I do not wish to be an outright rebel, but rebel I will against all procedures that hold up the growth of my personality.

Biomedical Ethics Midterm Test

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Euthanasia is classified as active which involves giving the patient a lethal injection to make death swift and painless. Passive euthanasia involves letting the patient die by stopping the employment of extraordinary means to alleviate a patient’s suffering and imminent death (Pence 120).

Hart-Devlin Debate

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Hart-Devlin Debate. Lord Wolfenden chaired a meeting in 1957 that recommended the existence of homosexuality activities in private. The chairperson suggested that as long as their activities remained private they should not be criminalized (Cane 21). Wolfenden and the entire committee argued that; criminal law meant to protect the public from injurious activities and protects people against corruption and exploitation.

Hart-Devlin Debate

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Date Hart-Devlin. Introduction Laws are necessary for the survivor of any society. Rules are broken and an offence is often committed. Laws consist of a group of rules forced by the authority and defying them often results to punishments. Morals are often personal.

Plato, Descartes, and The Matrix

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Nevertheless, although the three sources attempt to ask analogous questions, it is essentially their manner of answering these questions that differentiate them from each other. Plato examines the notion that the real world represents an illusion within the allegory of the cave presented in The Republic.

Humanity 5 short essay questions

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A man and a man Homeric Virgiliano, that despite representing different cultures and different literary styles, show us man as "Man". Be myth or not, the Iliad, the Odyssey and the Aeneid are part of a rich literary, which to this day we are given, as well as were given to our parents and grandparents, showing us the magic of each word that make these three poems.


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However, active euthanasia is undertaken on an individual only when his or her doctors and family members agree and make the decision to kill actively to end the agony suffered by their loved one. Passive euthanasia, on the other hand, lets the suffering person die by withholding the necessary medical care and allowing the disease to kill the person instead of a fellow human being.

Philosophy and the Human Good

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T. Stace, although if he had both been raised as adhering to ethical subjectivism, he would definitely have made the easier choice. My friend Henry, who is actually a year older than me, was once tempted to steal a hardware tool, perhaps a drill, from the store where he was working part time because he badly needed cash for one of his projects at college.

The Repiblic Amidst the Social Contract: An In-depth Review of the Society.

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Both societies aim for the common good. The cited works both commenced with an exploration to delineate the groundwork of a society. It seems that both authors try to unravel and ponder the basic principles in a society. Plato tried to unleash this by inquiring with other individuals until he arrives at a satisfying answer (1-31).

Human nature vs. Human condition

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NAME: COURSE: INSRUCTOR'S NAME: DATE OF SUBMISSION: Human nature vs. Human condition Human nature takes its origin from something relatable like reasoning, emotions, appetite etc. which can be analyzed in a scientific manner so as to evaluate how they existed and the mechanism they work on which is merely concerned with evolutionary biological studies, genetical studies or by neuroscience.

Thomas Nagel's "Moral Luck"

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Moral Luck. Self-esteem as the image of the people, according to Kent, should be influenced neither by an individual’s actions nor by judgements. Self-judgment and action are the key aspects in which the id, ego and superego personalities revolve around.

Euthyphro : Plato

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Apparently, the worker had killed one of his father’s slaves. Consequently, his father ordered him bound, gagged and put in a ditch to await religious interpretation of appropriate course of action. The man died while in the ditch prompting Euthyphro to file a manslaughter case against his father.

Stereotype Paper Assignment

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Being called out or singled out makes one feel different from the rest of society, as though the other person in any interpersonal interaction is reacting to an object rather than to a person whenever one speaks or acts. It is disconcerting to find oneself in such interactions.

Phil102 - Knowledge and Reality assignment 2

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The "veil of perception" conversely, refers to the belief that, indirectly, our perception about the world is passed through the channel of our ideas (Martin 279). Skepticism about perception generally points out that, we require some methods to measure the accuracy of our perceptions.

Plato's 'Republic': The Philosophical Tenets of Justice

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Critical philosophical study of the issue alongside irrefutable proof leads to the conclusion that justice has an absolute reality as well as its own benevolence and should be pursued regardless of the consequences. Through an objective study of Plato’s “Republic” this philosophical position can be defended adequately.

Hume and Harman’s Arguments for Moral Subjectivism

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To begin with, moral subjectivism, according to Rachels (1993), is the perception that there is nothing like the objective moral truths, that morality is merely a set of values derived from everyone’s subjective feelings, and that people should act accordingly.
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