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Macroeconomics and microeconomics are so similar yet different. StudentShare, our new educational service, examines the main bodies of both economic theories that have been used to guide economists’ and policy makers’ vision of the macroeconomy/microeconomy. Check our extensive academic papers materials database. Use Search Field to type in the title of the topic or subject. You will get all the results in few seconds. Enjoy free and quality study notes uploaded by the “A” students around the world. Any solid Business School or University demands a high level of economics knowledge. Thus, you need the concepts of both, macro- and microeconomics. Learning the economic aggregates at the national and international levels, economic management role, governmental and international economic policies is boring when doing it alone. With the help of our academic papers, you will always feel confident. Talking about microeconomics, it’s an introduction to the functions of individual decision-makers within the larger economic system. It makes this discipline so requested. StudentShare enormous academic database offers you business papers shared by the most successful “A” students from Business Schools around the globe. Those are: essays, research papers, assignments, case studies, term papers, personal statements, tests, exams, dissertations, and course materials. Join us!

markets tend to test things

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As if that was not enough, the Federal government had declared intentions of raising the interest rates through the Federal Reserve Board. This elicited mixed reactions among financial institutions, investors, and corporates at large as there was one predictable fact that the rise in interest rates was going to escalate the annual bond yields.

Current event

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This means that even when a particular party or country for that matter has absolute efficiency and advantage in producing the good or service both can still exist and stand a chance of gaining profits through trade given that they have different comparative competences.

Theories of rent and urban economics.

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This paper presents an essay drawn on the theories of rent and urban economies. The theories explain in detail the patterns in office rent shown in the Colliers UK Office Rent Map. The first section covers the theory of neighborhood. The second one is the natural evolution theory followed by the bid rent theory.

To what extent can the post-war boom be attributed to Keynesianism

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The responses of markets to political and private decisions have been extensively explored in the literature. Theoretical frameworks have been developed in order to explain the relationship between markets and social life. In this paper reference is made to Keynesianism, a theoretical trend based on the work of Keynes.

Comparison and contrasts of the adoption of Walras' ideas in the reinterpretation of The General Theory

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It is factual that money is an important factor in any economy, employment which is the key introducer of money in an economy thus becomes equally important with any factor affecting employment thus affects recession in an economy by extrapolation.

Economic Effects of Higher Oil Prices upon U.S. Households

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Because of the developments in science and technology and the subsequent advancements in industrial and automobile sector, the available stock of energy may not be sufficient for our future use. Most of the energy sources we are using at present are nonrenewable ones and oil is also a nonrenewable energy source.

Economic impact on Crime

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These people are below the poverty levels. Some of them perish from starvation or from health maladies which are borne out of inadequate health care and limited nourishment. Other individuals seek different ways to improve their economic conditions, and many of these individuals have proven successful.

ECONIMICS 405: Assignment 3: Economic Policy Recommendation.

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Poverty is one of the major global social issues affecting a larger population in the world. This problem is more adversely felt in developing or third world countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and other African and Asian countries mostly (Sharp, Register, & Grimes, 2013).

An Inside Job

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Relatively to the size of Iceland’s economy, it is the largest systemic banking collapse suffered by any country in the economic history. This paper aims to analyze the documentary “Job Inside” that critically analyzes Icelandic financial crisis. Iceland is one of the richest economies in Europe.

Macro- and Micro Analysis for New Services Production

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The company will be launching a consulting service that works with executive leadership to build more marketing prowess and increase management competency. Increasing revenues and profit maximization The Internet represents tremendous opportunities to highlight a company’s brand, with growth in mobile usage and broadband subscribership.

StarHub: English premier league

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The increases in costs arise from the fact that it has to pay content providers such as ESPN royalties on airing their content on their channel.The payment of royalties to content providers is the main cause of the increase in pricing of pay TV within the country, especially basing on StarHub’s case study.

Islamic Bank operating framework: a casestudy of Dubai and Malasyia banks

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Some conventional banks have integrated Islamic banking by creating subsidiaries that offer Shari’ah products. Jurisdiction’s Central Bank Acts, Islamic Financial Services Board and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions have been created to provide framework under which Islamic Banks will operate.

The problem of dumping in world trade and measures that are taken to stop it

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Measures that have been taken to stop dumping have always been and are still used as most significant devices by countries as a protection against imports. Measures to stop dumping tend to be supported over other trade remedies because unlike safeguard measures, they provide the opportunity for a selective approach.

The Relationship Between Trade Openness and FDI

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The Relationship Between Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). There is a vast body of literature to show the cause-and-effect relationship between trade openness of a country and the growth of income. The concept that increase of trade results in increase of incomes lays the basis of endogenous, classical and neoclassical theories of growth.

How "One Child Policy" Would Affect Chinese Economy?

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However, due to increasing concerns of rural unstableness, liberal relaxations of Chinese rural policies were announced between 1984 and 1989. Under one-child policy, a couple from urban area can have only one -child whereas a couple from rural area may have two kids if the first kid is a girl.

Socio-economic Development of West Africa after the ECOWAS Creation

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According to the paper, the exploitative relationship which existed between West African countries and the developed countries, since colonialism has not been fixed. The creation of the Economic Community of West African States did not solve the problem of the persisting nature of the trade balance between ECOWAS countries and the developed world.

Economic Policy Recommendation – Unemployment

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The level of unemployment and loss of jobs are increasing at rapid speed in America. Most of the private companies are firing workers and the rate at which workers are getting fired by their companies are also increasing at rapid speed in the country. Not only companies in the private sector are reducing their workforce by firing employees, but also public companies are firing workers.

The Recent Economic Recession/Great Recession 2008

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In addition, the paper highlights three important points. First, the global economy was unstable contrary to the suggestion that it was stable prior to the crisis. Second, there were interlinked and complex factors that led to the occurrence of the 2007 crisis, including global imbalances, lax financial regulation, loose monetary policy, and misperception of risk.


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These managers are hired by the owners who hold stocks of the company and are part of the board of directors. The real conflict arises when managers start pursuing their own private interests rather than devoting their energies towards the protection and promotion of board members interest (BITLER, MOSKOWITZ, and VISSING-JORGENSEN, 2005).

Economic Policy Recommendation. Unemployment and Inflation: Can we find a balance?

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This paper explores the relationship between inflation and unemployment and identifies an economic problem which economies face stemming from the business cycle of economic growth.

Chinese Economy

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They became isolated from both capitalist and capitalism spheres in 1960s and 1970s.During this period they adopted a strategy called ‘self reliance’. They traded mostly with western countries (EU and Japan) whereby they imported grain and machinery and exported textile and light industrial goods.

Economic policies of the UK on overcoming global financial crisis of 2008

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The plan of overcoming the crisis was highly ambitious. The measures announced by the Government were clearly focused on increasing the global competitiveness of the country, first of all its finance industry The UK is well-placed in benefiting from the recovery of the global economy due to the strength of its economic and trade links with China.

The Economics of Crime. The Determinants of Rates of Crime in England and Wales

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The positive and the negative incentives that drive the offenders into crime will also be taken into account. The final portion illustrates about spatial incidence of crime. Introduction The project discusses about the effectiveness of economics on social issues.

Managing activities to achieve result

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The company board has eight Non-executive Directors and six Executive Directors, additionally, there is a CEO for each of the region that Tesco has a significant investment in . The company has published little information about its organisational structure or chain of command online.

The Causes of the Financial Crisis in 2008

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It saw to the near collapse of large financial institutions, the bailout of banks by national governments and downturns in stock markets across the world. The housing market also suffered in many areas that resulted in evictions, foreclosures and prolonged unemployment.

Government Fiscal Policy/Budget Deficits and the National Debt

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This recession made the federal government under the leadership of president Obama to come up with a stimulus package program in the year 2009. The package was commonly known as fiscal policy and it was focusing at economic stimulation via financing government project to create direct employment opportunities.

Healthcare in the US

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Kaiser Family Foundation Web). The figure means that the current rate of expenditure on healthcare is more than double the amount that was spent in the past four decades. Official figures show that the total amount of expenditure in the year 2010 reached 2.6 trillion dollars.

Export Strategy for an Organisation

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Auspak Avocados, trading as Avocados Export Company (AEC) is one of the biggest exporters of fresh quality avocados to the international business markets. The company operates its business in various regions of the world and might tend to expand its business in Netherlands due to its stronger financial condition and also for raising need of nutritious fruits in the nation.

Apple Case

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One of the major aspects that make the company to be a market leader is production of wide range of quality brands that meet the needs of its global consumers. Some of the top brands that the company is known for production include iPhone Smartphone, iPod tablet computer, iPad tablet, iPad 2, Pad with Retina display, Apple TV and recently the iWatch.


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Specifically, Hyde’s differentiation between gifts and commodities introduces a social component to the exchange of goods and services. The commodification of money has resulted in both alienation and freedom for western societies. In investigating this question I am also compelled to question the virtue of freedom as it is experienced in the western world.

To what extent can the post-war boom be attributed to Keynesianism

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However, there is a strong interrelationship between Keynesianism and post war boom, which was illustrated by the five recessions. Moreover, there was adoption of Keynesian stimulus, which was aimed at cutting recessions short based on a comparison of similar recessions that had occurred in 1920s and 30s.


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The study will aim at highlighting two factors that can be effectively utilized for the expansion of the possibilities of producing different agricultural commodities. In addition, the study will comprise of the various activities that needs to be considered with significance when trading with other nations.

Economic Development Project (EDP)

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Budgetary growth can basically be demarcated as an increment in living conditions and change of the resident’s self regard, therefore resulting to a simple and unlimited public order. Economic development is a general outlook that involves the development of the human capital, an increase in the literacy ratio, improved health standards conditions and infrastructural development that results to an improvement in the general welfare of a particular society.


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The paper deals with a case where a company, operating in a developing nation, would develop an export strategy to trade its products or services in a European country. The state of trading affairs has become highly complex after the emergence of globalization.

Joirnal Summary on Risk of Poverty

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In the journal article, “Escaping the Poverty Trap in Latin America” by Enrique Carrolli and Ricardo Moran, there is an investigation of the complexities of poverty in Latin America and what the continuing trends are. The hypothesis established by the researchers’ states that poverty is not only based on economic factors, but also remains a high risk because of generational influences and education that leads others into a state of poverty.

Economics Task

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Antitrust laws serve to protect, promote competition and to check, redress abuse of market dominance. Porters five forces model assumes that an industry has market power if threat of entrants and substitutes are low along with weak bargaining power among suppliers and buyers provided industry is not rivalrous.

The United States Economy: Outline

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The United States of America is an economic powerhouse, and is the largest economy in the world. According to the CIA World Factbook (2011) it is the case that the U.S. economy has an official GDP $14.62 trillion in 2010. However, the economy of the United States is experiencing a number of challenges.

China Banking System. Comparison between State-owned Banks and Joint-Stock Commercial Banks

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This section involves the review stochastic frontier analysis (SFA). More so, its influential antecedents: empirical and theoretical. Furthermore, l events leading to original developments of SFA are recalled.

Opportunity Cost of Going to College, Marginal Analysis

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Opportunity cost of going to college. Opportunity cost in economic terms is the cost of forgoing or sacrificing the consumption of one commodity or service in order to consume and derive utility from any other service or commodity. For computing opportunity cost of any commodity one has to take into account the next best substitute that has to be forgone or sacrificed.

Chinese Saving Habit

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Over the last decade, China has seen periods of tremendous growth and prosperity. Not only the Gross Domestic Product of the economy increased, but the economy also flourished in terms of per capita income. This means that wealth has been widely distributed and everyone in China enjoyed the benefits of the growth of the Chinese economy.

The Movie Entertainment Industry ( Current Issues )

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It is, certainly, a benefit since the movie audience has expanded. On the other hand, film has to face an increasing competition from other leisure activities as Americans became disenchanted with the type of passive entertainment. So far, Hollywood has been successful in gaining competitive advantage.

The US Trade Deficit

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This was an increment of approximately 4.6 billion dollars from October the same year. The value of the US trade deficit is positive when the total services and goods imported by the US exceed the total services and goods it exports. This trade deficit on the part of the US has a huge significance o the country’s economy, as the nation is among the most significant countries that engage in international trade.

Domestic Poverty

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Another aim of this paper is to discuss whether it is the responsibility of the government or the private organization to assist the poor people and to draw a comparison between domestic poverty and international poverty. I also bring out the various variations in how different countries define poverty.

Risk Management and Risk Management Strategy

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One of the most important aspects of the modern business world is risk management. In accordance with recent researches and studies, risk management should be developed with regards to the needs of employees and managers of the company. In case self-performance and knowledge sharing exists within the company, it would benefit for further development of the company.

literature review

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The professionals engaged in the financial markets are always in a spree to develop appropriate financial models for helping the investors realize actual profits. One such common method used by the financial managers is Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).

Immigrant Access to Health Insurance and Medical Care

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Almost half of all immigrants, in fact, do not possess insurance, which is approximately thrice as high as those for native-born citizens. Since such a large number of immigrants do not have health care, they come up against serious barriers in pursuit of medical care and have to pay more from personal savings to receive care.

2008-2009 Economic Crisis and the Policies Implemented

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2008-2009 Economic Crisis. Introduction In economics, a recession refers to a business cycle reduction. It refers to a general retardation of economic activities (Simon, 2001). Macroeconomic pointers like Gross Domestic Product (GDP), investment spending, employment, capacity utilization, household income, inflation and business profits fall.

The economic consequences for Ukraine in joining the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan customs union

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The focus will be on the Ukraine, its current economic status, how it is faring as an outsider to the union right now and what the repercussions, for good or bad, might be should it also join the Customs Union (CU). A brief overview is given first in the introduction to set the current environment for the countries of the Customs Union, the Ukraine and its present economic situation.

Mortgage Backed Securities and their role in the economic crisis

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MBS are loans that are normally purchased from mortgage companies, banks and originators and then they are assembled into groups by a private entity, a governmental or a quasi governmental. The securities are then offered by the entity. These securities are offered in a process called securitization

Examine any foreign currency of your choice (preferably from and emerging market and provide an analysis of that currency agains

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The exchange rate in this regard plays a major role which strongly affects the decisions made by exporters, importers, foreign investors, businesses and financial institutions including banks. Studies have revealed that exchange rate imposes a considerable impact on the international investments, competiveness of exports as well as imports, currency value of debt payments and value for international reserves.
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