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Macroeconomics and microeconomics are so similar yet different. StudentShare, our new educational service, examines the main bodies of both economic theories that have been used to guide economists’ and policy makers’ vision of the macroeconomy/microeconomy. Check our extensive academic papers materials database. Use Search Field to type in the title of the topic or subject. You will get all the results in few seconds. Enjoy free and quality study notes uploaded by the “A” students around the world. Any solid Business School or University demands a high level of economics knowledge. Thus, you need the concepts of both, macro- and microeconomics. Learning the economic aggregates at the national and international levels, economic management role, governmental and international economic policies is boring when doing it alone. With the help of our academic papers, you will always feel confident. Talking about microeconomics, it’s an introduction to the functions of individual decision-makers within the larger economic system. It makes this discipline so requested. StudentShare enormous academic database offers you business papers shared by the most successful “A” students from Business Schools around the globe. Those are: essays, research papers, assignments, case studies, term papers, personal statements, tests, exams, dissertations, and course materials. Join us!

Current event

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This means that even when a particular party or country for that matter has absolute efficiency and advantage in producing the good or service both can still exist and stand a chance of gaining profits through trade given that they have different comparative competences.

markets tend to test things

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As if that was not enough, the Federal government had declared intentions of raising the interest rates through the Federal Reserve Board. This elicited mixed reactions among financial institutions, investors, and corporates at large as there was one predictable fact that the rise in interest rates was going to escalate the annual bond yields.

Macroeconomics:Compare and contrast the adoption of Walras' ideas in the reinterpretation of The General Theory. Critically as

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It is factual that money is an important factor in any economy, employment which is the key introducer of money in an economy thus becomes equally important with any factor affecting employment thus affects recession in an economy by extrapolation. Several renowned economists adopted later adopted the theory introducing their own understanding and inclusions, key among such were Clower and Leijonhufvud.

Chinese Economy

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They became isolated from both capitalist and capitalism spheres in 1960s and 1970s.During this period they adopted a strategy called ‘self reliance’. They traded mostly with western countries (EU and Japan) whereby they imported grain and machinery and exported textile and light industrial goods.

The Relationship Between Trade Openness and FDI

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The Relationship Between Trade Openness and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). There is a vast body of literature to show the cause-and-effect relationship between trade openness of a country and the growth of income. The concept that increase of trade results in increase of incomes lays the basis of endogenous, classical and neoclassical theories of growth.

The Causes of the Financial Crisis in 2008

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It saw to the near collapse of large financial institutions, the bailout of banks by national governments and downturns in stock markets across the world. The housing market also suffered in many areas that resulted in evictions, foreclosures and prolonged unemployment.

Export Strategy for an Organisation

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Auspak Avocados, trading as Avocados Export Company (AEC) is one of the biggest exporters of fresh quality avocados to the international business markets. The company operates its business in various regions of the world and might tend to expand its business in Netherlands due to its stronger financial condition and also for raising need of nutritious fruits in the nation.


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The paper deals with a case where a company, operating in a developing nation, would develop an export strategy to trade its products or services in a European country. The state of trading affairs has become highly complex after the emergence of globalization.

Risk Management and Risk Management Strategy

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One of the most important aspects of the modern business world is risk management. In accordance with recent researches and studies, risk management should be developed with regards to the needs of employees and managers of the company. In case self-performance and knowledge sharing exists within the company, it would benefit for further development of the company.

literature review

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The professionals engaged in the financial markets are always in a spree to develop appropriate financial models for helping the investors realize actual profits. One such common method used by the financial managers is Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).

Economic Effects of Higher Oil Prices upon U.S. Households

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Because of the developments in science and technology and the subsequent advancements in industrial and automobile sector, the available stock of energy may not be sufficient for our future use. Most of the energy sources we are using at present are nonrenewable ones and oil is also a nonrenewable energy source.

Research Paper

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Almost half of all immigrants, in fact, do not possess insurance, which is approximately thrice as high as those for native-born citizens. Since such a large number of immigrants do not have health care, they come up against serious barriers in pursuit of medical care and have to pay more from personal savings to receive care.

Mortgage Backed Securities and their role in the economic crisis

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These are loans that are normally purchased from mortgage companies, banks and originators and then they are assembled into groups by a private entity, a governmental or a quasi governmental. The securities are then offered by the entity. These securities are offered in a process called securitization that represents the claims on the principal and interest payments made by borrowers on their loans in the group.


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Accordingly the equation used for CAPM is: E(Ri) =RF +?i [E(RM) - RF ] (CAPM: Theory, Advantages and Disadvantages, 2008) However, there are many limitations as the assumptions can cause certain deviation in the application of this process, between the reality and the model.

CAPM ana Capital Budgeting

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Naturally, the discussion begins with an overview of the ideas put forward in the aforementioned paper. The typical textbook solution to capital budgeting is through computing the Net Present Value (NPV) of a project by using the cost of capital as the discount rate to identify the projects that lead to maximization of the value of the firm.

ECONIMICS 405: Assignment 3: Economic Policy Recommendation.

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Poverty is one of the major global social issues affecting a larger population in the world. This problem is more adversely felt in developing or third world countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and other African and Asian countries mostly (Sharp, Register, & Grimes, 2013).


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The model assumes that short-term government securities are risk free. It is difficult to find risk free securities. Government securities are unlikely to be defaulted but factors such as inflation creates uncertainty on the real rate of return. The model also assumes that the lending rate and the borrowing rate are equal.

An Inside Job

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Relatively to the size of Iceland’s economy, it is the largest systemic banking collapse suffered by any country in the economic history. This paper aims to analyze the documentary “Job Inside” that critically analyzes Icelandic financial crisis. Iceland is one of the richest economies in Europe.

The Year that the Housing Market Bubble Burst: And Could It Happen Again

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Source: The cost of housing or for that matter for any commodity solely depends upon the demand-supply dynamics if it is allowed to operate in a free market without any government intervention. Housing demand was in upswing since January, 1993.

Macro- and Micro Analysis for New Services Production

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The company will be launching a consulting service that works with executive leadership to build more marketing prowess and increase management competency. Increasing revenues and profit maximization The Internet represents tremendous opportunities to highlight a company’s brand, with growth in mobile usage and broadband subscribership.

Problems Associated of a Common Currency as Illustrated by the Current EU Crisis

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This paper will outline limitations of a common currency as illustrated by current European Union financial crisis. Discussion The euro is a common currency used by seventeen EU states members, which together form the euro zone. Similarly, the launching of the euro (common currency) in 1999 was a key move in the integration of European countries.

Economics from a Historical Perspective

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The period extending from the 5th century to the 15th century has been termed as the medieval period. The middle ages represent a significant period in European history and are characterized by certain particular features found to exist in Europe. From the ancient times, many civilizations in Europe developed the practice of slavery.

Research Essay on Business in Asia

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The East Asian countries also happen to be in the same lineage. While some of the countries are leading the global economics and trade by touching new frontiers of technology and business with an innovation, other are becoming global leaders in producing consumer products that have international outreach.

the relationship between discrimination and economics

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In trying to underpin cause and effect or links, various situations, factors, and variables are considered. These includes governance, policies, market characteristics, culture, tradition, work attitudes, individuals, organizations, environments, cost of living, and other variants that at one point contribute to the complexity of the puzzle.

Key Roles Performed by Financial System in the Economy

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Financial intermediaries are the first component of financial system. As the name signifies, financial intermediaries act as an intermediary or channel between two parties. The two parties are namely investors and the firms that are raising fund or savers and borrowers.
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