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Essay example - C5 - Managerial Economics

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Macro & Microeconomics
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Table of Contents Page 1 Introduction 1 2 Background 2 2.1 Theoretical Background 2.2 The Background Of The Case Study 3 Research Methodology 7 3.1 Research Questions 3.2 Research Design 4 Data Collection and Analysis 10 4.1 Data Collection 4.2 Data Analysis and Interpretation 4.3 Critical Analysis of the Research Findings 5 Conclusion 15 5.1 Summary Of Research Findings 5.2 Recommendations References 17 1 Introduction The Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department’s approval for reducing the commission for travel agents by airlines (Legislative Council, 2010) demonstrating the fact that airlines reduce their dependence on travel agencies as a distribution channel…

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The objective of the paper is to provide advice to a large travel agency of Hong Kong from an economic point of view in order to reassess the company’s business strategies. Relevant official data available in the government sites, the local airlines, and travel agencies will also be collected to facilitate the analysis in this study. Our prime focus will be to provide an in-depth analysis of the pricing strategies adopted by the local airline industry by using the concepts of market structure, cost and revenue structure and price discrimination. With this purpose, an in-depth analysis will be conducted through literature review describing the current business environment of Hong Kong airline industry. 2 Background 2.1 Theoretical Background Evidences have revealed that economic factors have a significant influence on the business environment of any and every region (The Times 100, 2008; Kitching & Et. ...
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