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Delegation & Empowerment

Curtis, E., & Nicoll, H. (2004). Delegation: A Key Function of Nursing. Nursing Management, 11(4), pp. 26-31.
Curtis and Nicoll have managed to discuss delegation and employee empowerment as a key attribute of effective leadership. They have discussed various theories of effective leadership and have used works of other scholars to emphasize on the importance of delegation in an environment where team works is an essential element. Following the outcomes of these theories, they have presented an easy step-by-step guide of effective delegation, whilst discussing benefits of delegation and empowerment for delegators and delegtees. They have also mentioned the factors that can hinder the effectiveness of delegation process and the importance of delegation in organizational settings. Curtis and Nicoll are both highly learned and well-educated lecturers at the school of nursing and midwifery studies, Trinity College, University of Dublin.
The work that they have presented mainly address registered nurses and importance of delegation for nurses however that discussion is only limited to the introduction part and rest of it is rather generalized, which can interest any regular reader. This peer-reviewed article will help in understanding the fundamental concepts of delegation and the factors affecting the personnel involved along with the process of delegation, itself. The article further outlines the basic concepts and general layout of the delegation process which will help in understanding the dynamics of this phenomenon. ...
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Current annotated bibliography considers the topic of delegation and empowerment in the context of Healthcare industry. It includes fifteen papers which are of the great interest for those who seek to find information for the research or essay connected to the stated topic…
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