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Planning and Time Management - Case Study Example

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This paper describes the process of effective management which involves planning, organising, leading and controlling all phases of business operation in order to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Effective management comprises planning of your activities and time management…

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Planning and Time Management

The main idea of this research paper is to discuss the points of effective management. Management is the process of planning, organising, leading and controlling all phases of business operation in order to achieve the objectives of that organisation. Effective management invariably results in business success, while ineffective management often results in business failure. Using the POLC Model of Management, the key components namely planning, organizing, leading and controlling involves the use of different skills. (Burns, 1978) Carl Robbins was assigned to arrange and prepare the orientation for the new hires. In the context of the case, Robbins is the manager for the task.
Planning is an intellectually demanding process, because it requires deliberate courses of action where decisions are based on purpose, knowledge and considerable degree of estimates. Planning minimizes costs. Its emphasis is on efficient and effective operations and consistency of procedures and methods. (Burns, 1978)
Organizing includes the skills of self- managing and team work thus time is considered as an essential factor. The word organization refers to the structure or a network of relationships among individuals interacting with one another. Organizing as a tool is an end in itself but a means of achieving the objectives of the organization. Organizing is basically grouping of activities and defining the roles of the participants with appropriate authority and proper coordination in the organizational structure. (Morgenstern, 1998). ...
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