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Research Paper example - Critical analysis of hospitality operations

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Research Paper
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Critical analysis of hospitality operations Name: Institution: Introduction Operations in the hospitality industry require innovations and creativity to revamp product and service packaging to appeal to more customers. This is promoted by the fact that the hospitality industry does not require any capital other than an idea…

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Currently, Alltalia airlines continue to witness a reduction in revenue. It is progressively losing its market positioning and most of its previous clients are showing interest in its competitors. The management is in disarray since it cannot possibly determine the source of the problem. The company that had a capital base of more than three million dollars and over two hundred employees has now shrunk to about five jumbo jets and other smaller jets with monthly revenue of six million dollars down from the previous eleven million monthly incomes. The current revenue cannot comfortably sustain the operations of the industry a fact that has resulted in the company retrenching some of its employees. The hospitality industry has a number of challenges and requires an extremely vigilant and dynamic management to process and effect policies that counter the challenges. Some of these challenges include understanding the market. Stakeholder analysis According to Slattery (2008), no business exists in a vacuum. Before setting up a business, one must have an effective understanding of the market and the entire community. Operations in the hospitality industry have a number of smaller communities that must integrate for the business to succeed. ...
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