Marketing Strategy of Perfection Foods.

Marketing Strategy of Perfection Foods. Assignment example
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The aim of the report is to assess the marketing strategy of a company which belongs to the bakery industry. Therefore in order to carry out the research, Perfections food Ltd has been chosen. The assignment will highlight the existing marketing strategies of Perfection Foods Ltd.


The aim of new marketing strategy is make sure that the company is able reach its desired goals. In the process of developing a new marketing strategy, the report will focus on different environmental, industrial and market analysis tool. The report will also highlight background of the company and give a brief overview of the bakery industry. The mission and vision statement of the company has been also underlined. Now in order to analyze the different factors tools such as PESTEL, SWOT, and PORTER’s FIVE Forces have been used. Finally the report will try to put up a marketing mix which will help the company to grab more market share and boost the sales volume.
Perfection Foods Ltd came into existence in the year 2000. It was established by two brothers called Sukhdev Singh Bath and Balwinder Singh Bath. The company was started in a 4500 sq. ft. factory, from where the cakes and bakery products were supplied to the nearby retail units and locality shops. Due to the high quality of the cakes and bakery products, the company quickly became popular in the industry. As the business grew in size, the company started expansion plans. In order to establish itself nationally and internationally, the company started to supply its products to the direct wholesalers such as Morrison's, Makro, Bestways, Asda, etc. They have become one of most well-known bakery in UK. It has also won several awards for some of its quality offerings in the bakery product market. ...
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