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BMW MARKETING PLAN IN CHINA AND JAPAN Student’s Name Course title Instructor’s name: Date: Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 1.0: Executive Summary 3 2.0: Introduction 4 2.1: Market overview 4 2.2: The company business mission 6 3.0: Company Audit 6 3.1: External situation analysis 6 3.2: Internal Marketing Audit 7 3.2.1: Strategic Issues Analysis 8 3.2:2: Marketing Mix Effectiveness 8 3.2:2 (i) Product 8 3.2:2(ii) Promotion 9 3.2:2 (ii): Place 9 3.2:3: Marketing Structures and Systems 9 3.2:4: SWOT Analysis 10 3.2.4 (i): Strengths 10 3.2.4 (ii): Opportunities 11 3.2.4 (iii): Weakness 11 3.2.4 (iv): Threats 11 4.0: Marketing objectives 13 4.1: Strategic Thrust 13 4.2: Strategic object


Since the beginning of the competition, the company has decided to come up with different ways of reaching out to its potential customers. So far the company has hired Fallon worldwide and advertisement agencies in Minneapolis to develop new marketing strategies for their products. Since its introduction in automotive sector in 1916, BMW Company has come up with different products in the sector (Martin, Fabian, and Josh 2002A) The Company is also known for producing and marketing a range of sporty and higher end motorcycles and cars. Despite investing on cars and motorcycles, the company has also embarked on aircraft engine known as Rolls Royce. ...
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