Promotion plan for increasing attendance at a minor league baseball game

Promotion plan for increasing attendance at a minor league baseball game Essay example
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While designing the objectives associated with marketing the minor league baseball games for increasing fan attendance, focus has to be given on designing objectives which follows the SMART framework.


Because of the existence of multiple number of minor league baseball games in the same country, the marketers for these baseball leagues often try to implement a series of promotion tactics so as to lure the fans of the baseball games. Some of the promotional tactics that are used by the marketers for increasing the popularity of the baseball games comprises of night time fireworks, concessions on fooding items. Also, some marketers focus on executing promotions by conducting three legged races as well as various other contests for children. Also, organizing of concerts, comedy, magic acts are performed to lure the interest of the sports fans for the minor league baseball games (Anderson, “Not So Minor Attractions”).
However, to present a unique kind of promotional campaign in this case, focus has to be given to design a campaign which is different from the existing promotional clutter. The promotional idea that will be recommended in this case will be a mix of both online and offline medium.
Selecting the Promotional Approach
While designing the promotion for the league baseball games, the SMART objectives that were designed have to be considered. The SMART objectives focused on raising the level of popularity as well as the sale of merchandises from the gift shops. ...
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