Coursework 1 Assignment: Management Report 1 : Environmental Audit

Coursework 1 Assignment: Management Report 1 : Environmental Audit  Coursework example
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ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction & Background of the Company 4 External Business Environment Analysis 5 PESTEL Analysis 5 Five Forces Analysis 7 Value Chain Analysis 8 Internal Business Environment Analysis 8 SWOT Analysis 8 Critical Evaluation of Company’s Strategic Position 10 Conclusion and Recommendations 11 References 13 Executive Summary The company chosen for study is Tesco Plc which is the biggest multinational general merchandise and grocery retailer in United Kingdom.


It has stores in 14 countries across Europe, Asia and North America. Tesco has huge geographical diversification into areas like electronics, financial services, clothing, furniture, retailing of books, internet services, software, music downloads, DVD rental. Tesco Stores Ltd. is a subsidiary of Tesco PLC in United Kingdom. Global recession during 2007 to 2009 has substantial impact on the overall retail industry across the world. The external environment determines the outlook of industry and hence it is very important to analyze the external environment in order to formulate appropriate strategy for the organization. The macro-economic environment is evaluated using the PESTEL analysis that identifies key drivers that influence the company’s strategic decisions. The internal business environment is analysed on the basis of availability of resources that influence productivity, delivery and service. The objective of the assignment is to reveal the influence of both internal and external business environment on company’s current and future strategies (TESCO, 2013, pp.3-9). ...
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