Lyon College Taking Advantage of its Social Media Ecosystem.

Lyon College Taking Advantage of its Social Media Ecosystem. Case Study example
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Case Study
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It’s evident that today many people are hooked in the internet making it a good platform for reach millions of people within a very short time to convey a lot of information. The penetration of internet into the villages and coupled with increased use of mobile phones is even projecting a bright future for the social media.


The Lyon School uses the social media to appeal to the people because this is where most people access information with a lot of ease. They can easily design the media in such a way that it looks appealing to most of the viewers across the globe thus attracting a positive response. Other forms of advertisement can not easily penetrate the whole world within a short period of time and reach millions of people like the social media, which Lyon College is taking advantage of. The advantage of using such a media is that it’s very easy to monitor the state of the adverts displayed on a daily basis and make changes where necessary. Interaction is possible in matters of minutes leading to quick response to people who may need more information about the College. This makes it possible for the college to establish itself as a brand in the face of stiff competition coming from other colleges. The forum can also be used for product launching without much stress since most people will just find the information when they click into the website. This helps to improve the customer dealing leading to maximum customer satisfaction.
The alumni of Lyon College are encouraged to be part of the Lyon community at all times of their lives. They are encouraged to be participating in the actives of the college including having fan actives thus encouraging strong bond between them, students and College management. ...
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