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Marketing (Name of student) (Institutional Affiliation) Marketing China would be the perfect country to see up a call center. China is a diverse country with a large population that would provide the required labor. China is also among the fast growing countries in industrialization.


In addition, the large population in China will provide customers and this will lead to the efficiency of the technology firm. Investing in industrialized countries such as china can lead to formation of allies that can facilitate importation of required raw materials. Structuring the management team Call center management depends on the size of the call center and its structure (NAQC, 2010). Montenzuma Inc is a small technology firm and will require a small call center. A small call center would require a telemarketing manager and a supervisor to manage the staff. In addition, technical staff to keep the servers running. The manager in charge of telemarketing should be in charge of selecting new marketing areas. The supervisors elected are charged with the role of managing and coordinating the staff. The technical staff is charged with the role of ensuring that the telemarketing process runs without any hitches. Once a person has made a clear outline of the management team, the next step is to hire qualified personnel to fill the positions. The telemarketing manager is the highest ranking position. In addition to selecting new marketing areas, the telemarketing manager is responsible for his/her company being competitive. A telemarketing manager is responsible for staff motivation and staff retention. ...
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