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Coca Cola Name of the Student: Name of the Professor: Name of the Course: Date: Section 1: Introduction Coca Cola is a type of effervescent soft drink that is sold or distributed in restaurants, stores and various vending machines all over the world (“Brands”).


John Pemberton died within two years of invention and the brand was then purchased by Asa Candler in 1889. The beverage was initially sold at 5 cents for each glass in Jacob’s Pharmacy. The company expanded its operations mostly within 1900 to 1920. The marketing strategy of Asa Griggs Candler has helped the product to lead the market of soft drinks all throughout the twentieth century (“The Chronicle of Coca-Cola: The Candler Era”). The Coca Cola Company manufactures concentrated coca cola or coke. This concentrated product is sold to all the licensed bottlers of Coca Cola who sell these products all over the world (“Overview”). The bottlers have territorial contract with Coca Cola Company and they produce the finished products of the company in bottles or cans from their initial concentrated state and then sell them all over the world. Occasionally there are other cola drinks available which are sold under the same brand name of ‘Coca Cola’. The most common drinks in this form are Caffeine free Coca Cola, Coca Cola Cherry, Diet Coke Caffeine free, etc. The Coca Cola brand has been ranked as the most valuable brand in the world on the basis of Interbrand’s best global brand in the year 2011. ...
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