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The Global Brand Face Off: Should Espoir Take Its New Branding Initiative Global? Name University 29 September 2013 At present, Espoir Cosmetics does not have a global brand image that is consistent for all country heads. For instance, Vasylko Mazur, the head of Espoir’s operations in Eastern Europe, believes that as a beauty business, Espoir will be better off using a beauty queen as an endorser, instead of a global marketing campaign that depends on an international American film and its actors, while Natasha Singh, the executive vice president and global marketing officer, thinks that “the Espoir woman is smart, independent, a risk taker,” and not someone who identifies with beauty p


Demographically, the target market consists of women with varying income levels, and educational backgrounds, while they are generally part of the Gen X and Gen Y markets.2 Psychographically, Singh sees the global market as a composition of independent women who are smart and not afraid to take risks.3 Behaviorally, the markets are differentiated across regions, and to some extent, across nations. Regions are different, in that Asia tends to imitate Western trends, while Eastern Europe is not as similar in beauty trends as Western Europe.4 For example, some Indians want the latest global brand, not the ones based on local trends. ...
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