international marketing-country of origin, foreign and domestic consumer predispositions

international marketing-country of origin, foreign and domestic consumer predispositions Essay example
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International Marketing Country of Origin Introduction The apparel industry is one of the most coveted industries of Europe especially in Italy. In spite of the economic slowdown the Italian apparel industry has been generating a decent amount of revenue and has also been able to attract potential customers for its footwear collection.


The study will highlight varied internationalization, country of origin and consumer disposition effect related to the marketing plan of Grazia, a leading Italian fashion brand. Finally, the study would also highlight the impact of country of origin and brand positioning effect of apparels produced by leading Italian fashion companies. Country of Origin Effect The country of origin effect would constitute of differences between internationalization and international control strategies that can be due to varied national origins rather than the variations in the marketing environment (Harzing and Noorderhaven, 2000).The differences in the market dynamics and the cultural differences is a contributing factor for the increase in the country of origin effects. The national culture and the upbringing of the customers play an important role in determining the purchasing behaviour (Costa, Krutulyte and Grunert, 2006). In this context, the management of Grazia would try to assess the fashion requirements of the European common people and manufacture stylish and comfortable dresses as per customer preferences. Firstly, it has been noticed that the European people prefer Italian brands over the international brands (Greta and Lewandowski, 2013). ...
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