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Global Marketing This paper intends to critically appraise regarding how marketers can manage both local along with global culture when planning their marketing operations considering the impact of macro environment and culture on buyer behaviour. Business organisations are often seemed to be facing different challenges along with issues in relation to social, political along with environmental settings.


Culture is recognised to be an essential factor which imposes considerable impact upon the entire performance of the organisations (Lee & Carter, 2009; Bardhan & et. al., 2006). Culture is recognised to be an essential element on the basis of which the different magnitudes of human behaviour are determined. Culture comprises different elements that include belief, morals, knowledge, art and customs among others. These are various elements that depict the culture of a particular society. Moreover, culture is based on different macro environmental factors including social, economic, political and religious beliefs. In this regard, people of a society develop cultural values, behaviour and beliefs on the basis of the aforementioned factors (Soares & et. al., 2007). Culture is based on various concepts such as attitudes, values and ideas through which people perform various actions in a society. The cultural values and beliefs are usually shared amid the people of a society according to which individuals develop their ethnic values and purchasing behaviour (Belshek, 2004). ...
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