Public Funds Provision for Parks and Leisure Areas

 Public Funds Provision for Parks and Leisure Areas Assignment example
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PUBLIC FUNDS PROVISION FOR PARKS AND LEISURE AREAS Students’ name: Course title Professor’s name: Name of Institution Date: Introduction The Newtownville district council leisure services department is at present facing an economic crisis. The department is also encountering severe pressure on how to use the available limited resources.


The Newtownville district leisure department is evaluating the most appropriate methods of rationalizing its services by reducing its cost of operation. In its new initiative, the department is also considering to involve local population in the collection and allocation of funds. Additionally, the department is planning to obtain financial sponsorship and support from the local business community. To facilitate success in the new development, partnership with local business community is essential (Raymore and Scott, 2007, p.21). To overcome the current predicament, the department’s management is currently on the verge of exploring their commercial interests as well as involving the general public in the improvement of its services. The department is planning to increase the range of audience in their leisure services. Currently, the regular audiences of the department facilities entail local middle aged people among other age groups (Cranz, 2001, p. 121). The department is planning to develop their services to include the requirement of elder people in the society as well as visitors from other areas. Most of the audience visit the Newtownville district council leisure facilities to relax and to enjoy the attractive parks in the areas. ...
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