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PUBLIC RELATIONS INTRODUCTION Nowadays, Public relations are considered a very important part of organizational strategy. A large number of organizations are moving towards the public relations activities to engage the stakeholders with company. Customer engagement and getting consumer insights are the basic purpose of public relations activities (Phillips, 2001).


PUBLIC RELATION Public relation is concerned with reputation of the company. It is the result of the organizations’ perception that is developed from the organization’s conduct, attempt of an organization to derive certain perception and behavior towards its products and services. Also it is aimed at extracting the perception of stakeholders about the organization. This in turn enables organization to build the mutual understanding and goodwill with stakeholders. Stakeholders include customers, employees, suppliers, investors, regulators and journalist (Green, 2009). Nowadays the competition in every industry has been highly increased. Every company in the industry seeks to get the competitive advantage by differentiation and reputation management is considered as one of the most effective tool to get the competitive edge. Two factors are very important in public relations i.e. communication with all the stakeholders and the relationships with all stakeholders which is also the central idea of above definition. The comments and opinion of stakeholders actually defines the company’s reputation. ...
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