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The 4As

4A’s always attempts to improve the agency business. With 750 members and 1250 branch offices, approximately 80% of 4A’s members are placed in all national advertising agencies. Virtually all of the large multinational agencies are members of the 4A’s. While at the same time, along with addressing the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders, the organization fulfills its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well. The association represents advertising agency business to public service work of the Advertising Council, Inc. and Spencer, AAAA Educational Foundation which offers allowances and fellowship to graduate multicultural learners studying advertising at college or graduate school levels. It also runs a group insurance and group pension/profit sharing plan for the benefit of employees in agencies. 4A’s has its individual composition of constitution, mission statement, by-laws and standards of practice approved by the Board of Directors along with membership together (American Association of Advertising Agencies, 2013). Mission and Purpose of 4A’s The mission of 4A’s is to improve and to strengthen the advertising agency business in the United States by counselling members on operations and management by offering collective experience of the many to each. ...
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The 4As Overview One of the biggest associations in the United States is American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), which was established in 1917. It is having its headquarters in New York City. 4A’s is a national association of leading US advertising agencies that facilitates in regulating advertising…
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