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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The essence of “Made in Canada” Introduction Many consumers prefer to buy goods made in their countries compared to those made in other countries, especially in developed countries like Canada. This comes from the fact that many Canadians assume that products made in Canada have high quality than those made in other countries, which shows that quality has a very important role to play in making up consumer minds (Henein & Morissette 32).


From these reasons, it is clear that quality plays a huge role in making people buy Canadian made products, including buying Paderno’s products. “Made in Canada” More than ever, the social consciousness of consumers is pushing organizations to promote strategies aimed at corporate social responsibility (Henein & Morissette 49). In the case of Paderno, this should push them to showcase their products as having local characteristics. Even if their products are not made locally, such as the cheaper products they import, they can impress the consumers by laying emphasis on the local features that their value chain possesses, such as product assembly and design, as well as development and research. ...
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