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Business To Business Marketing Contents Part 1 3 Critically evaluate the key difference between Consumer and B2B marketing 3 Part 2 7 What are the implications of these differences for marketing strategy? 7 Reference 13 Bibliography 14 Part 1 Critically evaluate the key difference between Consumer and B2B marketing Marketing is a tool which is used and has its roots in understanding the consumers and being the fact that all are consumers it becomes easy to understand or concentrate on consumer based examples.


3). Most of the large firms which produce goods such as production, steel and equipment along with computer memory chips cater to the business market customers and the organizations do not directly interact with its customers. The introduction of the laser printers along with the personal computers had brought HP which was a B2B marketer into consumer market. Conversely, Apple strength has also extended towards the business market as its iPad were being used or tested in more than 75% of the fortune 500 companies just after a month of its launch. Corporate using iPad includes J.P. Morgan Chase, Tellabs, Inc., and Cardinal Health. Products such as office furniture, smart phones, software and personal computers are products which are purchased both by the consumers as well as by the business markets. The feature that tends to distinguish consumer goods from business marketing is the “intended use of the product “and the intended consumer.” Some of the global big brands belongs to the business marketing section and they includes Google, Blackberry, Cisco, Caterpillar, FedEx, IBM, HP, 3M to name a few organizations (Hutt & Speh, 2012, p.8-9). ...
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