To analyze the sustainability of the television auction program and provide methods to strategically position the T.V. auction p

To analyze the sustainability of the television auction program and provide methods to strategically position the T.V. auction p Essay example
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Current state of the program Student’s name: Course name and number: Instructor’s name: Date submitted: Executive Summary Auctioning is a process of selling and buying services and goods through the process of offering bids, taking bids and then selling off the item to the individual with the highest bidding…


In the present report, the evaluation of the auctioning program of Rotary Club of Windsor-St. Clair has been done. Examining the various factors responsible for past success as well as present issues of the club will help in devising strategic solutions for the Club. This project will include primary as well as secondary analysis. Secondary analysis will focus on best practices and success factors in fundraising. Primary research will include interview with the club members. Recommendations will focus on the overall process improvement and alternative strategies. Purpose of the project The overall scope of the project is to analyze and evaluate the viability of auctioning program of Rotary Club of Windsor-St. Clair (hereinafter: RCWS) in the long run as well as recommend improvements in processes to the current program. The purpose of the project is to identify the key success factors which can improve the program. On broader perspectives, the project will conduct primary research in order to gain first hand information on the popularity of television auctioning, the issues and difficulties faced by the members as well as overall responsibility of the members in the program. ...
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